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By Chloe Benningfield/Cherry Creative

Eyeliner pencil makeup set

For those of us who always put off getting together a Halloween costume until the night before, eyeliner pencils are the perfect tool that can be used to easily sketch out your Halloween look. You can draw whiskers and a black nose for a fun feline look or draw some teeth and exposed bone for a spooky skeletal illusion. This colorful eyeliner set is a great addition to your makeup collection since it can be worn year-round for regular makeup looks too.

Smashbox primer

The best way to avoid those post-Halloween breakouts is to apply a good makeup primer. Heavy-duty costume makeup can be great for making an iconic Halloween look, but it is not so great for your skin. This Smashbox primer will provide a protective layer between your skin and your makeup while ensuring your makeup lasts all night. 

Mehron Makeup professional modeling putty/clay

Mehron Makeup’s modeling clay is just the trick for creating that long witch’s nose or gory gash. It will help you create a look so realistic that people will be saying “maybe she’s born with it; maybe it’s modeling clay.” 

Ben Nye bruise wheel

This Ben Nye Bruise wheel provides all the shades you need to create the perfect fake bruise for a creepy, undead look. These cream shades can also be used with modeling putty or clay makeup to add realistic coloring to a fake injury. 

Fake blood

Add a little (or a lot) of fake blood to make any Halloween costume a little more gory Apply the fake blood to create  realistic wounds, bites or any other gory idea you might have. 

Halloween temporary tattoos

Do you want to add some blood and gore to your Halloween look but don’t have the time or artistic talent to draw them on yourself? Just order these temporary tattoos, apply with a wet paper towel and, boom, you’ve got yourself some bloody cuts, bruises or stitches. 

NYX contour palette 

Whether you want to dress up as a zombie or just as your favorite celebrity, contouring and highlighting the face can help you create a shocking Halloween transformation. Makeup can be used to mimic the bone structure of whomever you are dressing up as. Using darker shades will mimic the low-points or shadows on the face, and using shades lighter than your skin-tone will emphasize the high points. This NYX contour palette can be used to create an undead look by placing one of the bronzing colors in the hollows of the cheeks and down the side of the nose. 

Hair chalk

Hair chalk is an easy way to transform your hair without the long-term commitment of hair dye. This hair chalk set has a variety of colors perfect for any Halloween look and can be easily washed out with shampoo and water. 

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