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By Nicole Christensen/Cherry Creative

Skincare is an important part of self-care. It can be overwhelming to decide where to start with the number of products available. Here are 10 different products that cover the basics of skincare at affordable prices.

SPF moisturizer 

The most important skincare item to have on hand is a light, everyday moisturizer that contains SPF to protect you from the sun. Put this product on every morning, especially when you plan to be outside for the majority of the day. Make sure to put on SPF moisturizers, even on overcast days, because it helps protect wrinkles like no other product!

Heavy night cream

Nothing says self-care and winding down after a long day quite like putting on a thick, moisturizing night cream, which helps hydrate and renew your skin overnight. This product in particular tends to have more drastic results than most others that would be used at night, its formula clears up acne, redness and uneven texture by the morning quite effectively. Disclaimer: This solution does have Retinol in it, which protects against wrinkles but should not be exposed to direct sunlight, so make sure to use this only at night and only one to two times a week.

Makeup remover

Before cleansing, taking off your makeup is important. Many makeup removers are harsh on the skin and leave it feeling sensitive and raw. This cleanser water is a more gentle solution that could be used as a cleanser in the morning and a makeup remover in the evening.  It totally could also be used by males to remove excess dirt and oil.


Having a solid facial cleanser that is not too harsh on the skin is important. No, bar soap is not a cleanser. This option hydrates, so it won’t leave your face feeling dry. Pro tip: Aim to wash your face for 20 to 30 seconds both in the morning and at night. This helps to ensure the face gets fully clean and prevents breakouts.


This toner balances your skin’s pH level, which is important because it protects the skin from bacteria and keeps it from getting too dry or oily. Use this after cleansing to prepare for moisturizer. Toners help further cleanse and moisturize the skin after washing your face.

Face oil

A great way to add hydration to your skincare routine is face oil. Rosehip seed oil helps prevent aging, sun damage and inflammation. Put two to five drops on your face at night as an alternative to a moisturizer. This works best at night due to the oily nature of the product but is definitely hydrating and good for overnight removal!


If you want a natural way to hydrate your skin and reduce redness, aloe is the answer. It is important to make sure the aloe product does not have alcohol in it, and this one is a great organic option for those with more sensitive skin. Remember that aloe is for more than just sunburns!


Some exfoliators are abrasive on the skin and can cause skin damage over time. This one is a gentle exfoliator that is well-suited for the face. Make sure to use it one to two times a week max, because over-exfoliation can be harmful for the skin.

Sheet masks

Sheet masks are an easy way to pamper yourself and have an at-home spa day. Use these masks one to two times a week after cleansing and toning to switch up your skincare routine. Plus, who doesn’t love a good avocado mask?

Clay masks

This formula seeps into your pores and cleans them out. Incorporating this into your skincare routine is especially important for those who experience frequent breakouts. Clay masks feel like the ultimate restart button for your face, use it one to two times a week for maximum results.

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