Meet the Team

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Catrina Cooksey

Web Writing Editor

For someone who's "pretty sure" she's 80% iced coffee, Catrina is a still great writer. She's always wanted to own a pickup truck and doesn't know how to swim. Catrina is a senior from Bowling Green.

Emily Moses

Web Visuals Editor

Emily loves “Criminal Minds” so much that she’d be an agent at the Behavioral Analysis Unit in another life. She loves dog memes and her munchkin cat named Spooky. Emily is a junior from Nashville.

Taylor Frint

Web Editing Manager

Taylor once got her head stuck in a chair when she was 12. She has a cat named Weezy (no relation to Lil Wayne) and frequently dyes her hair fun colors. Taylor is a junior from Bowling Green.

Hannah Good


Hannah once fractured a growth plate in her hip during a cross country race, but she finished anyway. She also has a pet bunny named Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a deep love for the Talisman. She's a senior from Covington.

McKenna Mitchell

Copy Editor

McKenna is a loving plant mom to two succulents named Edgar and Maya. She adores everything chocolate and enjoys writing about interesting locals. McKenna is a sophomore from Louisville.

August Gravatte

Marketing Manager

August was born in August, but that’s not where she got her name. She loves a good chai tea latte, and her GaGa (grandmother) is her best friend. August is a senior from Louisville.

Alex Baumgarten


Alex is an avid hiker who collects mugs. When she’s not working on a Talisman assignment, she’s usually watching a ‘90s TV show. Alex is a junior from Bowling Green.

Annalee Hubbs


Annalee’s greatest talent is creating music playlists, especially ones with R&B and indie. She loves giving gifts and wearing earrings, even if they destroy her super sensitive ears. She’s a sophomore from Louisville.

Bailey Cooke


Bailey is a self-described lover of antiques and other old things that she doesn’t need. She doesn’t like coffee, so we’re not sure how she stays awake. We’re glad she does, though, because we love her work. She’s from Somerset where she lives on a farm with her cow named Snickerdoodle.

Lauren Bond


If Lauren was one of the dads in “Mamma Mia,” she would be Bill. She once almost died when she saw vampires — the band Vampire Weekend, that is. She’s a junior from Lebanon, Tennessee.

Carrsan Bible


Carrsan is a senior from Louisville – Louisville, Illinois, that is. She prefers ice cream for every meal, is a firm believer in denim on denim, and wants to give the whole world a hug with the warmth of her writing.

Chloe Cooper


As a self-proclaimed “professional thrifter,” Chloe is one of our style icons. She also has a profound love for Bill Murray. Chloe is a sophomore from Louisville.

Chris Kohley


Chris was once almost beaten up by Tory Lanez after taking his picture. We think Chris would have won that fight. He’s legally blind but still takes some awesome photos. Chris is a sophomore from Naperville, Illinois.

Emily Falica

Emily is obsessed with clouds but allergic to marshmallows. She’s a mom to her cat Meowgaret (like Margaret but punny). Emily is a junior from Scottsville.

Emily Heath


Emily loves browsing used bookstores and sipping iced honey lattes with soy milk. When she’s not racing go-karts or studying Arabic, you can usually find her hyping up people from behind her camera. She is a freshman from Louisville.

Hayley Robb

Magazine Writing Editor

Perhaps Hayley's biggest accomplishment is that she once shared a water bottle with Justin Bieber and has video footage for proof. She is a fitness freak and recently traveled to nine countries in less than five months. Hayley is a junior from Georgetown.

Hayley Gatlin


Hayley is an avid drinker of Capri Sun who loves a good ascot. She once received a rose from LL Cool J. She’s a junior from Lebanon, Tennessee.

JB Carter


JB is a lover of the color yellow and sans serifs fonts. He likes to spend his free time playing the keyboard with his band Astronomy Club. He hopes to one day be the art director of Pitchfork music magazine. JB is a sophomore from Bowling Green.

Jacob McAndrews


Jacob is a barista at Starbucks and is learning to master the art of latte-making. He’s an avid speaker on the mock trial team, but he hopes to one day be a writer. Jacob is a senior from Villa Hills.

Lily Thompson

Lily once spent two years working as a caving tour guide. She also spent three years working on a train. Now she just lives with her cat named Bean. Lily is a sophomore from Paoli, Indiana.

Mara Lowhorn


When Mara’s not leading English Club meetings, she’s probably out on a 30-mile bike ride. She may have a phobia of octopuses, but she definitely loves pineapples. Mara’s a junior from Gallatin, Tennessee.

Mason Best


Mason is a cycling enthusiast who enjoys admiring the street art culture as he rides by. When he’s not on his bike, he’s usually working on something creative. Mason is a junior from Bowling Green.

Max Zambrano


One of the greatest achievements of Max’s life was when he won an online game of Survivor in 2014. A not-so-great moment was when he lost on question 14 out of 15 on the Dwayne Johnson episode of HQ Trivia, especially because he knew the answer to the final question. At least he can say he almost won a portion of $3,600.

Madalyn Stack


Madalyn spends her time illustrating for us and designing merchandise for bands. She’s also vegan and a self-described coffee addict. Madalyn is a sophomore from Louisville.

Natalie Hedberg


Natalie is a die-hard Taylor Swift and Halloween fan. If she’s not illustrating some cool projects (and web portraits!) for us, she’s probably competing with her the WKU Forensics team. She’s a senior from Chaska, Minnesota.

Noah Moore


Noah is the Talisman’s resident language expert since he speaks Spanish and Arabic. He’s a huge fan of various docuseries on TLC, especially if they feature conjoined twins. Noah is a sophomore from Fort Thomas.

Olivia Mohr

Magazine Writing Editor

Olivia’s ideal afternoon includes curling up with a hot mug of tea. She writes poetry and loves her black cat named Boo. Olivia is a junior from Nicholasville.

Paige Richard


Paige’s favorite color is pink. She also loves puppies but definitely hates watermelon. Although we think watermelon is pretty great, we love her anyway. She’s a junior from Radcliff.

Rhyne Newton

Rhyne hosts a YouTube vlog channel with her best friend. She’s a fan of fashion and can usually be spotted sipping on her fourth cup of coffee. Rhyne is a sophomore from Louisville.

Sam Mallon

Sam loves to eat butternut squash and chips, particularly jalapeno chips. She was called Sam Bieber so much during middle and high school that people thought Bieber was her real last name. Sam is a freshman from Washington, D.C.

Vannetty Coffee


Vannetty loves all things related to winter and writing, and she absolutely hates humidity. She’s one of 13 siblings. Vannetty is a freshman from Louisville.