Meet the Team

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Hannah Good

Web Content Editor

Hannah once fractured a growth plate in her hip during a cross country race, but she finished anyway. She also has a pet bunny named Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a deep love for the Talisman. She's a junior from Alexandria.

Emily Moses

Web Visuals Editor

Emily grew up on a farm and once brought a sick goat into her room to cuddle and watch her favorite show, "The X-Files." Her Spencer's order is an iced lavender vanilla latte. Emily is a sophomore from Nashville.

Helen Gibson


Helen loves Waffle House so much that she makes her family take her there every year on her birthday. She has big dreams and has an (almost) Insta-famous cactus. Helen is a senior from Cadiz.

Jessica Voorhees

Copy Editor

Jessica once went on a hike and had to be rescued by the Chilean air force. Luckily for us, she was OK and is now our copy editor and investigative reporter. She may seem quiet, but she’s always listening. Jessica is a senior from Edgewood.

Rachael Doyel


Rachael is an English literature major and our assistant magazine writing editor. She tries to avoid peppermint gum because it makes her sneeze. She’s a senior from Bowling Green.

Chris Kohley


Chris has been painted on a mural in his hometown. There are no murals of him in BG (yet), but he’s still a shining star in our eyes. Chris is a freshman from Naperville, Illinois.

Adam Murphy

Adam is a camp counselor and an avid listener of vinyl music. He once campaigned for a cat candidate in the 2016 presidential election. Nowadays, he has eschewed politics in favor of writing for our magazine and website. Adam is a freshman from Louisville.

Dillon McCormick


Dillon won “Jeopardy” when he was 12 years old. Chasing his former glory, Dillon now does crossword puzzles “to stave off the knowledge that his knack for trivia offers no use in an increasingly computerized world.” He now lends his wisdom to the WKU student body in his advice column as “Auntie Dillon.” Dillon is a sophomore from Erlanger.

Lauren Bond


Lauren is the same height as Tom Cruise, but those are where their similarities end. She is also a die-hard Rick Moranis fan — yes, that guy from “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” Lauren is a sophomore from Lebanon, Tennessee.

Carrsan Bible


Carrsan is a junior from Louisville – Louisville, Illinois, that is. She loves fashion, particularly linen pants and stripes, and she aspires to give the whole world a hug with the warmth of her writing.

Catrina Cooksey


For someone who's "pretty sure" she's 80% iced coffee, Catrina is a still great writer. She's always wanted to own a pickup truck and doesn't know how to swim. Catrina is a senior from Bowling Green.

Chloe Cooper


As a self-proclaimed “professional thrifter,” Chloe is one of our style icons. She also has a profound love for Bill Murray and owns a tiny plant named Jerry Garcia. Chloe is a freshman from Louisville.

David Hormell


Last year, David nearly drove off the road and crashed his car when he saw someone walking a corgi. We took his car keys away from him. He writes poetry and likes to drink coffee until he sees God. David is a soft-spoken senior from Shelbyville.

Grace Pritchett


Hayley Robb


Perhaps Hayley's biggest accomplishment is that she once shared a water bottle with Justin Bieber and has video footage for proof. She is a fitness freak who can lift more than her own body weight. Hayley is a sophomore from Georgetown.

Heidi Holgate


Heidi is a world traveler. She's been to Disney World more than 25 times, the Sundance Film Festival and will be studying abroad at Harlaxton in the spring. She's a sophomore from Glasgow.

JB Carter


Lillie Eastham


Lillie is the first to admit that she has an addiction to two things — queso and spray tans. She also has a *major* crush on Mick Jagger. Lillie is a sophomore from Somerset.

Madeline Rafferty


Madeline drinks her coffee black and has a “healthy but wild” obsession with the color orange. Valentine’s Day is her favorite holiday, so don’t sleep on buying her chocolates. Madeline is a junior from Owensboro.

McKenna Mitchell


Aside from catching up with the Community Creators of Bowling Green in her bi-weekly column, McKenna is an aspiring yogi, ardent Twenty One Pilots fan and a dedicated mother to her succulent, Edgar. She’s a freshman from Louisville.

Natalie Hedberg


Phi Chu


Phi loves all things winter, “from snow and the bite of the air to blankets and long nights to ghosts and fireplace tales.” Can you tell he’s a poet? Phi is a sophomore from Bowling Green.

Rachel Phelps


Rachel’s eyes are two different colors. She’s terrified of large, industrial fans. Thankfully, there aren’t any of those in the Talisman office. Rachel is a senior from Somerset.

Reed Mattison


Reed is fast on a mountain bike, which impresses us because we prefer to stay at the bottom of mountains. His favorite doughnut from GADS is the blueberry cake donut, so our GADS ranking is a sensitive subject for him. Reed is a sophomore from Bowling Green.

Silas Walker


Silas is a junior from Portland, Oregon, home of the famous Voodoo Doughnuts. Fittingly, doughnuts are also his favorite food. He’s quiet, but his photos mean business.