Meet the Team

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Olivia Mohr


Olivia is a skin care addict — LUSH should pay her, honestly. She’s a senior from Nicholasville who enjoys stories about women and artists, and she’s a sucker for cute stationery and plants, even though she doesn’t have much of a green thumb

Annalee Hubbs

Copy Editor

Annalee’s greatest talent is creating music playlists, especially ones with R&B and indie. She loves wearing earrings, even if they destroy her super sensitive ears. Annalee loves to eat rice, all types. She’s a junior from Louisville.

Bailey Cooke

Web Managing Editor

Bailey doesn’t like coffee, but we keep her around anyway. She grew up on a farm with her cow Snickerdoodle. She loves antiques and other old useless ephemera. Bailey is a junior from Somerset, majoring in English Literature.

Emily Moses

Magazine Photo Editor

Emily loves “Criminal Minds” so much that she’d be an agent at the Behavioral Analysis Unit in another life. She loves her pet bunny Pepper, who’s an old grumpy man. She could drink iced matcha lattes with lavender everyday. Emily is a senior from Nashville.

Joeleen Hubbard

Web Photographer

Joeleen is a Knoxville, Tennessee junior who can play the ukulele and was not named after the Dolly Parton song, but would still love to meet her one day. She has taught her best friend, Max (who is a cat), lots of cool tricks like how to high five, sit and talk. Not english though… not yet at least.

Kristina Francis

Web Writing Editor

Kristina can quote full episodes of “Parks and Recreation” by heart (no, we aren’t exaggerating). She has a dog named Elsa, not named after the famous Disney character. She’s also obsessed with buying funky socks. Kristina is a senior from Louisville.

Lily Thompson

Web Visuals Editor

Lily is a junior from Paoli, Indiana who has two cats named after metal artists, Oli and Ozzy. Her first job was leading tours through a cave. She has seven tattoos and piercings.

Max Zambrano

Magazine Writing Co-Editor

Max is from Owensboro, but he has traveled to 20 states and four countries. In 2014 he won an online game of Survivor. One time he bleached his hair when it was box dyed black, which was a big no, but he got lucky and it turned out fine. Max is a junior.

Rylee McKee

Web Producer

Rylee likes the delicate things like vintage and handmade items. Full of talent, she can play the clarinet and writes fiction and poetry. She is a junior from Morgantown.

Sam Mallon

Web Producer

Sam loves butternut squash so much she could eat it with every meal. She is a vegan and a second-generation photojournalism major at WKU. Sam is a sophomore from Washington, D.C.

Abigail Raley

Web Writer

Imagine being 12-years-old and hiking a mountain- well Abigail did just that. She also did ballet for 11 years and is a poet. Abigail is a junior from Bowling Green.

Addison LeBoutillier

Web Photographer

His last name is pronounced “le-booty-aye”, and yes, it is hilarious. Addison is a sophomore from Charleston, South Carolina and has been hospitalized for sleep exhaustion all in the name of journalism (the Talisman does not support, sleep comes first y’all). One time he got to have lunch with Bill Murray and he made fun of Addison’s outfit.

Allie Hendricks

Web Photographer

Allie is a freshman from New York, no not New York City, but New Windsor, New York. She has played piano for 12 whole years and loves sweaters, but hates corndogs.

Ally Mefford

Marketing Manager

While Ally loves plants, she can’t keep them alive to save her life (or theirs). She is absolutely obsessed with Bon Iver and is a graphic designer. She thinks she has an obnoxious laugh, but we don’t think so and we constantly keep her laughing. Ally is a junior from Bowling Green.

Dillon McCormick

Web Writer

“What is Dillon?” Dillon was on Jeopardy once and loves crossword puzzles. He is a senior from Erlanger.

Autumn Smith

Web Illustrator

Autumn loves few things, Dungeons and Dragons, patterned T-shirts, and watercolors. She’s a junior from Walton.

Bobby Burt

Web Writer

Bobby was able to cross the border to Canada without a passport, not sure how he pulled that off. His music taste ranges from SZA, to Phantom of the Opera, to Panic! at the Disco to Michael Jackson. Bobby is a sophomore from Louisville and a self proclaimed pizza artiste.

Brittany Morrison

Web Photographer

Brittany has impressively never missed a night of wearing a retainer and can also lick her elbow. A junior from Lebanon, Tennessee, she says she is the reincarnate of the band ABBA, and what proof do we have that she’s not?

Richard Gregor

Web Photographer

Richard is a freshman from Louisville who once jumped off a moving train in Europe. He is fond of camping and hiking. Everyone in his family has a name that starts with an “R.”

Christina Betz

Web Photographer

Cristina is a freshman from Roswell, Georgia. Her favorite airplane snack is peanut M&M's and Bugles which she would love to eat while traveling to Dublin, Ireland. She worked at a dog kennel for a year.

De'inara Carter

Web Writer

De’inara is the ultimate dancing queen and an avid music lover. She is a book hoarder from Louisville. De’inara is a junior.

Ebonee Gabhart

Web Writer

Skating is Ebonee’s happy place and her favorite color is brown. She’s a junior from Auburn who’s faking it till she makes it.

Ella Corder

Web Writer

Listening exclusively to Neil Young and reading fictional Civil War love stories and hysterical-realist novels is how Ella likes to spend her days. Ella is a sophomore from Somerset and is a creative writing major.

Emily Falica

Web Writer

Emily is currently learning three languages at once. She once yelled “stranger danger” at Keith Urban. She can put 40 pepperonis neatly on a pizza in 10 seconds. Emily is a senior from Scottsville.

Emily Lancaster

Web Writer

Emily is a sophomore from Evansville, Indiana, majoring in English literature and Spanish with a minor in journalism. She’s played the piano for 15 years, is an avid “Golden Girls” fan and works for a mouse in a galaxy far away in the Disney College Program.

Emma Lomax

Web Illustrator

Emma is an only child from Louisville who fills her days by watching Friends, again. She’s seen it more than 30 times and is only a sophomore. She hates bananas in all forms except banana bread.

Emma Steele

Web Photographer

Emma is a junior from Louisville who loves making collages from vintage national geographics. She is one of the few who can drive a stick shift, and she is a vegetarian.

Eric Vazquez

Web Photographer

Eric’s first attempt at baking set the oven on fire. However, that experience did ignite his passion for baking. He is a junior from Louisville and he says he is among the most stylish people to ever enroll at WKU (we can confirm). Eric has also played the viola for 12 years.

Eve Baughman

Web Illustrator

If Eve was a flavor she would definitely be cherry. Old country artists like Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Tanya Tucker and Mel McDaniel represent her soul. She’s discovered the perfect remedy for a heartache and we’re here to share — a grape slushie from Sonic, a cheese ball and listening to Tyler Childers. Eve is a sophomore from Bowling Green.

Isabella Moses

Web Writer

Isabella’s only regret is that she doesn’t live in the Mamma Mia cinematic universe, how could you blame her? She aspires to leave her hometown of Fort Thomas one day and move to Paris. Some of her favorite things are fashion history, old music and halloween. Isabella is a freshman.

JB Carter

Magazine Design Editor

JB has a passion for old book cover designs. He also enjoys Burger King’s Impossible Whopper and listening to Steely Dan, unironically. JB is a junior from Bowling Green.

Jessica Brandt

*whispers* Jess is a sophomore, loves ASMR, and despises grapefruit. She’s a hockey aficionado from St. Louis.

Jordan Matthis

Web Photographer

Jordan is the shortest tall person in her family, coming in at 6-foot-1-inch. She is 60% color blind and has a birthmark on her face and neck that looks like a fatter version of the Adidas trefoil logo. Jordan is a junior from Owensboro.

Josie Keeley

Web Writer

Josie is a junior from Jackson, Tennessee who enjoys writing sci-fi, fantasy and horror pieces. She is a paleontology enthusiast. Josie has begun collecting ships-in-bottles and old unique coins.

Julianna Lowe

Web Writer

Julianna loves sharks and is perpetually cold to the touch. She can’t eat nuts, well she isn’t positive about pistachios or hazelnuts but she still avoids them. She is a junior from White House, Tennessee.

Mackenzie Montross

Web Illustrator

Mackenzie Montross - Mackenzie can play four instruments: piano, clarinet, ukulele and a little flute. She’s a world traveler who’s been to 17 countries. She also loves cartoons so much she was a cartoonist for her high school newspaper and still reads web comics all the time. Mackenzie is a senior from Crestwood.

Maggie Haun

Web Photographer

Maggie is a sophomore from Carmel Valley, California. She once got flipped off by Clint Eastwood in traffic. Maggie has also seen a million dollars in $10 bills (we are also curious about this one) and has travelled to seven different countries.

Missy Johnson

Web Writer

Missy thinks Thanksgiving food is the worst, but we’ll forgive her. She can make realistic cat sounds and plans to marry Micheal Cera. She’s a junior from Elizabethtown.

Morgan Bass

Web Photographer

Morgan is a sophomore from Louisville and prefers to walk around barefoot like a true Kentuckian. She is a second generation WKU photojournalist and is a “big brockhampton girlie,” in her exact words.

Madalyn Stack

Web Illustrator

Madalyn is a junior from Louisville and a proud vegan who operates solely on coffee and vegetables. She has read The Stranger by Albert Camus a total of 11 times.

Nicole Christensen

Web Writer

Nicole has visited every shore in the U.S., but she’s originally from Nashville where she lives with her two moms. She is a junior and her guilty pleasure is K-pop- who can blame her.

Noah Powers

Web Writer

Noah goes to an art museum every year for his birthday. He enjoys writing poetry and is a big fan of Carly Rae Jepsen. Noah is a junior from Bowling Green.

Olivia Dawson

Web Writer

Olivia obsesses over politics, coffee and local food. She also loves music and is always planning to go to a concert. Olivia is a sophomore from Louisville.

Phi Chu

Magazine Writing Co-Editor

Phi is a self proclaimed poetry fanatic, it has connected him to others and more to himself. He is also a Lorde lover, he has many music kings and queens, but Lorde reigns the seat of his musical soul. Phi is a senior from Bowling Green. Winter is his favorite season, since it’s the most romantic.

Rhyne Newton

Web Photographer

Rhyne orders raspberry in her coffee, always, and at any given time could be doing a Casey Frey impression. To her, Gucci is a genuine art and she is obsessed. Rhyne is a junior and from Shepherdsville.

Shelby Watson

Web Illustrator

Shelby is a self-proclaimed “pink-haired, feminist, baddie” and we don’t see any evidence that she’s not. Her baby is an aussiedoodle dog named Ivy and she’s originally from right here in Bowling Green. Shelby is a senior and loves psychological horror and mystery films.

Staci Henderson

Web Writer

When Staci was younger her imaginary friend was a giraffe named Hickamore. Her favorite TV show is “Twin Peaks.” The junior from Barlow owns more jackets than pants.

Theresa Jaminet

Web Illustrator

Theresa is a sophomore from Frankfort. She loves sewing and knitting clothes and baking bread. She has five, that’s right, five sisters.

Tucker Covey

Web Photographer

Tucker is from Atlanta and loves motorsport, specifically Formula One. He’ll try just about any food and especially loves foreign cuisine. Tucker’s a little obsessed with Nikon cameras, which makes sense since he’s a photojournalism major.