Ice Cream Social

Meet the Team

Helen Gibson

Web Managing Editor

Helen loves Waffle House so much that she makes her family take her there every year on her birthday. She has big dreams and has an (almost) Insta-famous cactus. Helen is a junior from Cadiz.

Kylee Kaetzel


When she’s not working as Talisman editor-in-chief, you can find Kylee singing, making baked goods or doing her homework two weeks early. It’s quite magical, actually. Kylee is a senior from Santa Claus, Indiana.

Hannah Mccarthy


Hannah likes to dance and write, and she has a cat named Bunny. She’s a junior from Nashville.

Tony Piedmonte


Years ago, Tony was a member of Liberty Elementary School’s Science Club. Now, he’s the Talisman’s full-time science writer and part-time celebrity gossiper. Tony is a senior from Goshen.

Ambriehl Crutchfield


Ambriehl is our podcast queen, tbh. She's really involved on campus and dreams of working at NPR. She is a junior from Nashville.

Cameron Moreno


Cameron loves pizza. One time he ate it exclusively for two weeks, and doing so did little to dampen his love for it. Cameron is a graduate student from Corpus Christi, Texas.

Carrsan Bible


Carrsan is a sophomore from Louisville – Louisville, Illinois, that is. She loves fashion, particularly linen pants and stripes, and she aspires to give the whole world a hug with the warmth of her writing.

Casey Rice

Marketing Manager

Casey’s a big fan of dessert. Sources say she sometimes even eats it before she eats dinner. Scandalous, we know. Anyway, Casey is a senior from Bowling Green.

Delaney Holt


Delaney is a self-proclaimed Cher groupie. When she’s not at Cher concerts, she’s writing fun content for this website. Delaney is a junior from Burlington.

Emily Jones

Emily Jones is a fan Legally Blonde, Chick-fil-A and '90s rap. One of her proudest moments was when Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda responded to a letter she wrote him. Emily is a freshman from London.

Elon Justice


Elon has studied abroad twice, and she loves cute dogs and rap music. She also makes cool videos for this website. She is a senior from Pikeville.

Emily Moses


When Emily’s not taking nice photos, you can probably find her drinking Spencer’s coffee. Emily is a freshman from Nashville.

Hannah Good

Copy Editor

Hannah really likes to run. She enjoys it so much that she co-founded WKU’s running club. She’s a sophomore from Alexandria.

Hayley Robb


Perhaps Hayley's biggest accomplishment is that she shared a water bottle with Justin Bieber and has video footage for proof. She is a fitness freak who can lift more than her own body weight. Hayley is a freshman from Georgetown.

Lillie Eastham

Lillie is the first to admit that she has an addiction to two things — queso and spray tans. She also has a *major* crush on Mick Jagger. Lillie is a freshman from Somerset.

Megan Armstrong


Megan has a lot of impressive talents, including the ability to sing all 50 states in alphabetical order. We’re so proud of her. She’s a junior from Morehead.

Meghan Ashley

Meghan has a passion for fashion, film and fandoms, and she's single-handedly trying to make berets "fetch" again. We salute your efforts, Meghan. Meghan is a sophomore from Florence, y'all.

Morgan Price

Morgan is a self-proclaimed expert when it comes to the Kardashian and Jenner family. She's loved fashion since she was a kid, and she dreams of working for E! News one day. Morgan is a sophomore from Louisville.

Olivia Mohr


Some refer to Olivia as a "grammar Nazi." Her cat named Boo is her entire world and her spirit animal is an otter. She is a freshman from Nicholasville.

Rachael Doyel


Rachael is an English literature major. She tries to avoid peppermint gum because it makes her sneeze. She’s a junior from Bowling Green.

Rachel Phelps


Rachel’s eyes are two different colors. She’s terrified of large, industrial fans. Thankfully, there aren’t any of those in the Talisman office. Rachel is a junior from Somerset.

Savannah Schenck


Taco Bell stays in business because of Savannah. She is in Fergie's fan club and some claim she looks like a human version of a sloth. Savannah is a freshman from Louisville.

Travis Henson


Travis spent the summer traveling to 14 new countries. He believes his sole purpose in life is to own a corgi named Oliver. He is a senior from Bowling Green.