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About Our Advertising

From time to time, you may find an advertisement or piece of sponsored content on this website or in an issue of our magazine. Why?

Each year, we receive a budget from WKU to pay for the majority of our expenses — but we must also generate additional revenue to cover some of our expenses. Like many media organizations, we turn to advertisements and sponsored content to do so.

Paid for by businesses and organizations, advertisements may promote products, services or events. They can be found in the banner at the top of our website, in web posts, and in our magazine.

Sponsored content is creative content that appears in our website or magazine and is promoted alongside editorial content. Unlike editorial content, however, sponsored content is paid for by a business or organization for promotional purposes.

At the Talisman, we’re committed to maintaining our editorial credibility and making sure it is easy for our readers to distinguish ads and sponsored content from editorial content. To that end, any ads or sponsored content that appears on our website or in our magazine will be clearly labeled as such.

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We reserve the right to remove ads or sponsored content that we believe to be inappropriate at any time.

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