Meet the Team

Executive Editor

Jess is a senior journalism major from St. Louis who experienced the beach for the first time ever last summer. She loves cats, is terrified of crunchy bugs and can deliver a killer pterodactyl impression.

Web Writing Co-Editor

Jolie is a junior English major hailing from right here in Bowling Green. To win her heart, all you need is a showing of “Spirited Away,” an oat milk latte and Animal Crossing.

Web Writing Co-Editor

Leah is a sophomore from Hendersonville, Tennessee whose journalism and Spanish double major is her entire personality — oh, and her broadcasting minor. Leah has a hobby for traditional journaling, and she aspires to become a foreign correspondent some day.

Design Editor

A sophomore from Georgetown, Amelia loves to spend her time crocheting and journaling. She is a graphic design major and spends her free time playing Animal Crossing.

Copy Editor

Senior journalism and dance major Kaetlyn is from Frankfort, where both of her cats reside, happily named after Shakespeare characters. Kaetlyn has been dancing since she was 3 years old, and now she’s learning to play the acoustic guitar.

Magazine Writing Editor

Raegan is a senior English major from Georgetown with more stick-and-poke tattoos than traditional ones. Her favorite metal is copper, and she hopes to one day get rid of her iPhone in exchange for a flip phone.

Magazine Photo Editor

Sam’s middle name is Alexis, so her initials spell her name. She is a senior photojournalism major and gender & women’s studies minor from Silver Spring, Maryland. Sam’s goal for 2022 is to veganize as many soul food dishes as she can, and she loves to go on sunrise hikes with her pals.

Marketing Manager

Jack is a junior journalism major and graphic design minor from Lexington, and he claims to be very “quirky” (his words, not ours). Jack is in three bands and has mad cooking skills.

Marketing Assistant

Amelia was so excited about her first Talisman story being published, she got a tattoo of a tooth! She is a sophomore, Aquarius from Frankfort who is aiming to combine her strategic marketing degree with her love of live music. Maybe she can bring some big names to BG?

Web Writer

Audrey is a junior theater and sociology double major from Louisville. She is addicted to celery and has seen “Pride and Prejudice” (the 2005 Keira Knightley version) over 50 times. She also has a ferret named Willard Ulysses Plescia, but you can just call him Willy.

Web Photographer

Brett is a freshman from Bardstown and an Eagle Scout. He plays piano and once performed an original song at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. When he’s not a rockstar, Brett fishes, hunts and practices archery.

Web Photographer

Cristina is a junior photojournalism major from Roswell, Georgia, who would spend every day hiking if she could. She loves to travel and wants to go to Ireland this summer. She hates spicy food, so it’s a good thing she chose Ireland.

Web Photographer

Dylan is a senior studying journalism and minoring in broadcasting and creative writing. He has been to Italy, and with his three dogs, enjoys watching and evaluating films. If you need a recommendation, let him know!

Web Managing Editor

Ellie Sandlin is a freshman journalism major and philosophy minor from Russellville. Her favorite movie is “Wayne’s World”, and she sings and writes songs for her band, which doesn’t have a name yet. Remember us when you get famous, Ellie.

Web Writer

Isabella’s love for fashion history inspired her to major in fashion merchandising. She is a junior from Fort Thomas who loves listening to ‘80s music while wearing a neutral color palette. Hit her up for a styling session!

Web Illustrator

Kayla is a senior from Louisville who strongly identifies with fellow Hufflepuff Newt Scamander, she considers him her “spirit character.” She adores sunflowers and has a collection of vintage magazines ... we think her aesthetics are *chefs kiss.*

Web Writer

Kodee, a lover of writing stories and a self-described social butterfly, is a journalism major and sociology minor from Elizabethtown. She is a huge fan of both Marvel and Disney, and she has five sisters. That’s a lot!

Web Writer

Liza is a senior BFA theater major minoring in journalism from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has seen the TV show “Friday Night Lights” six times, loves shopping at Candle Makers on the Square and has a cat named Stinky. Don’t worry, it isn’t that stinky.

Web Writer

Natalia is a freshman broadcasting and journalism double major from Louisville. She loves creative writing and wrote a book her junior year of high school. Oh, and she used to play volleyball. You go, girl!

Web Writer

Pandora is a sophomore journalism major and music minor from Taylorsville. She is a Taurus and spends her spare time crocheting. She is currently trying to collect all of the Studio Ghibli movies on DVD.

Ragan, a freshman from Nashville, loves nature and used to play the clarinet. She isn’t sure about what she wants to major in yet, but she loves doing creative makeup looks, so maybe she will break into the makeup industry!

Web Photographer

Rhiannon was a synchronized swimmer for three years before moving here from Louisville to begin her freshman year. When she is not studying photojournalism, you can probably find her looking for Chansey — her absolute favorite Pokemon. She participated in Governor’s School for the Arts for film and photography, and she must have loved the latter because now she studies photojournalism and advertising.

Riese is a freshman from Georgetown, and she hasn’t yet declared her major. She’s a Starbucks barista and also happens to love the color green, so she has the perfect uniform. She has also never won a game of bingo.

Web Writer

Tessa is a junior journalism major and American Sign Language minor from Lebanon who knew she wanted to come to WKU after her sister started school here in 2015. If that wasn’t enough school spirit, she is also in the Big Red Marching Band where she plays the flute.