Meet the Team

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Max Zambrano


Max is a senior from Owensboro, but he has traveled to 22 states and four countries. He still thinks about how he won an online game of Survivor in 2014. One time he bleached his hair when it was box-dyed black, which was a big no, but he got lucky, and it turned out fine.

Annalee Hubbs

Web Writing Editor

Annalee picked up sewing last year and can’t be stopped — does anyone need new pants? She loves board games, and she wishes all the windows and dishes in her house could be made of stained glass. Annalee’s a senior from Louisville.

Madalyn Stack

Web Illustrations Editor

Madalyn is a senior from Louisville and a proud vegan who operates solely on coffee and vegetables. She has read “The Stranger” by Albert Camus a total of 11 times.

Bailey Cooke

Web Visuals Editor

Bailey doesn’t like coffee, but we keep her around anyway. She grew up on a farm with her cow Snickerdoodle. She loves antiques and other old useless ephemera. Bailey is a senior from Somerset majoring in English literature.

Joeleen Hubbard

Web Managing Editor

Joeleen can play the ukulele and was not named after the Dolly Parton song, but she would still love to meet her one day. She has taught her best friend, Max (a cat), lots of cool tricks like how to high five, sit and talk. Not english though… not yet, at least. She is a senior from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Ally Mefford

Marketing Manager

Harry Styles lives rent free in Ally’s head. She has over 40 plants and 14 candles in her apartment in Bowling Green, her hometown. She’s addicted to making spotify playlists, and we’d love to listen.

Jess Brandt

Executive Editor

Jess is an ASMR fiend who picked up cross-stitching in quarantine and has become a full blown grandma since then. She’s a junior from St. Louis and runs on Red Bull the way American runs on Dunkin’.

Emily Lancaster

Magazine Writing Co-Editor

Emily is a junior from Evansville, Indiana who worked at Star War: Galaxy's Edge in the Disney College Program last semester. She’s an amateur rock climber and an avid “Golden Girls” fan — she could probably quote it if asked.

Morgan Bass

Magazine Photo Editor

Morgan is a junior from Louisville and prefers to walk around barefoot like a true Kentuckian. She is a second-generation WKU photojournalist and is a “big brockhampton girlie,” in her exact words.

JB Carter

Magazine Design Editor

JB has a passion for old book cover designs. He also enjoys Burger King’s Impossible Whopper and listening to Steely Dan, unironically. JB is a senior from Bowling Green.

Raegan Steffey

Copy Editor

Raegan was allergic to peanuts until she was 16 and has two dogs — both of which are named Addie. Raegan wears a ring on her middle finger that her dad bought when he graduated eighth grade. She’s a junior from Georgetown.

Leah Hunter

Audience Editor

Leah is a freshman from Hendersonville, Tennessee who drinks hot tea everyday and loves curry chicken. She has written daily in a journal since she was 3 years old, and she carries it with her everywhere — this makes sense considering she wants to become a foreign correspondent and report in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

Tucker Covey

Web Photographer

Tucker is from Atlanta and loves motorsport, specifically Formula One. He’ll try just about any food and especially loves foreign cuisine. Tucker’s a little obsessed with Nikon cameras, which makes sense since he’s a photojournalism major.

Amelia Curry

Web Photographer

Autumn Walters

Web Illustrator

Charlie Haynes

Web Photographer

Charlie is allergic to cats, but he loves nature... so we keep him around. He can beatbox, and we’re desperate to hear him do so in person. Charlie is a sophomore from Owensboro.

Elizabeth Roth

Web Writer

Elizabeth has rewatched “The Haunting of Hill House” and “The Haunting of Bly Manor” several times each to try and count the ghosts in the background. Elizabeth’s favorite band of all time is The Happy Fits, and if she could have any superpower, it would be to refill anything. Yes, she’s referring to her bank account. She’s a sophomore from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Emma Baynes

Web Photographer

Erin Horton

Marketing Assistant

Erin has at least 20 plants in her apartment and has no impulse control, so the number is growing quickly. Is that the Gemini in her? We’re not sure. Erin likes the color purple so much that she’s dyeing her hair that color soon. She’s a senior from Louisville.

Hailee Lunte

Web Illustrator

Hailee is a junior from Louisville whose red hair gives her superpowers. She’s a self-proclaimed bottomless pit for French fries and wants to share a secret with us: she’s a poet. Who knew?

Hannah Vanover

Web Producer

Hannah once downed 15 Blazin’-style wings from Buffalo Wild Wings on a first date, and the rest was history. She’s allergic to 35 different things and has a dream of being in the Guinness World Records book for the longest hula-hooping time. Hannah is a senior from Beaver Dam.

Katie Poindexter

Web Writer

Katie became an ordained minister while bored one day, so let her know if you plan on getting married soon. She has a serious coffee addiction, and 90% of her closet is thrifted. Katie’s a junior from Clarkson.

Megan McCormick

Web Writer

Megan runs for fun. Yes, you read that right. And no, nobody is chasing her. She makes the best vegan banana pancakes in the whole wide world and can’t go a single day without drinking coffee. Megan’s a junior from Nashville.

Sebastian Tingle

Web Photographer

Sebastian learned how to throw playing cards in the eighth grade to the extent that they were no longer allowed around the house; they became a “weapon of mass destruction” — his words. Sebastian’s diet is made up of at least 89% pizza, and he exclusively shops at thrift stores. He’s a freshman from Somerset.

Veronica Teeter

Web Photographer

Veronica could eat muffins for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we don’t see a problem with it. She loves cats but doesn’t have one, and her favorite color is green. Veronica is a freshman from Carmel, Indiana.

Cristina Betz

Web Photographer

Cristina is a sophomore from Roswell, Georgia. Her favorite airplane snack is peanut M&M's and Bugles which she would love to eat while traveling to Dublin. She worked at a dog kennel for a year.

Staci Henderson

Web Writer

Staci comes from a long line of farmers and is the first to not… well, farm. She has two cats named London and Louie and her favorite color is green. She’s a junior from Barlow.

Theresa Jaminet

Web Illustrator

Theresa loves to sew and can wiggle her ears — quite the arsenal of skills. She has five sisters and is a junior from Frankfort.