5 Netflix movies that cure the staycation blues

Whether you’re heading home or staying in Bowling Green for spring break, there is certainly a Netflix binge in your future. Lucky for you, these movies provide a mini vacation, no gas money required.

“The Lizzie McGuire Movie”

Going to Rome for a school trip and becoming an international pop sensation should be everyone’s spring break goals. Lizzie is an awkward icon, and this movie is just as good now as it was when you were 12.

“Midnight in Paris”

If you want to escape from reality for a while, this is the movie for you. Owen Wilson plays a man who needs a vacation from his vacation, and he explores the beauty of Paris in the 1920’s every night.

“Under the Tuscan Sun”

This movie about a woman who goes on vacation to Tuscany, only to decide that she should buy a house and stay. Maybe it will inspire you to do the same — especially after midterms.

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

Ferris Bueller is the reigning king of the staycation. The amount he can accomplish in just one day of playing hooky will inspire you to make the most out of spring break, even if you’re skipping the beach this year.

“Lilo & Stitch”

Hawaii is the ultimate vacation spot, and this movie’s animation transports you there. There’s also some aliens and a lot of Elvis music, which is cool, too.

Tuck in with these movies and think warm thoughts. Eat some brownies while you’re at it because you don’t have to worry about that beach bod, and you’ve earned it.