5,000 miniature horses in the wind

Like basically everyone, I love the TV show “Parks and Recreation,” and like any good “Parks and Recreation” fan, I love Li’l Sebastian.

I’m not really even an animal person, but there’s just something so darn magical about a tiny, little horse. So when I heard that there were going to be miniature horses on campus to raise money for WKU’s Equestrian Team, I leaped (or galloped, to keep within the equine theme) at the chance to go. I was going to meet Li’l Sebastian.

On Friday morning, my friends and I made our way to South Lawn. My heart pounded in anticipation of meeting a bunch of miniature horses, and this event did not disappoint.

When we arrived, we saw an adorable handful of tiny equine creatures. Some were dressed in costume, and one was even pulling a tiny buggy. I stood back for a moment and took in the scene.

Dr. Jennifer Gill, adviser of the WKU Equestrian Team, said that this event was being held to raise money for the team.

“I got the idea after seeing the women’s rugby team do a ‘Pet-A-Puppy’ event and thought ‘why not do ‘Pet-A-Pony’?” she said.

The miniature horses are all owned by Bowling Green senior Lexie Spohn, who is also the president of the equestrian team. She said that her family has had some of the ponies for as long as thirteen years.

I asked Lexie if any of the horses were named Li’l Sebastian, and she informed that they were not. However, she did say that many of the ponies are named after fashion designers. It started when they named one pony Chanel, and they decided to continue the trend.

“She’s a diva,” Spohn said, referring to Chanel.

Their other miniature horses are named Benjamin, Cough Drop, Armani, Louis Vuitton and Oscar de la Renta. I asked if any of the horses were wearing designer garb, but Spohn laughed and said that their costumes were from Party City. I respect that.

Finally, it was time to meet the horses. I decided to greet Chanel first because I admired her diva attitude and the fact that she was dressed as Minnie Mouse.

I had never met a miniature horse before, so I just kind of went about the process as if I were petting a dog. Chanel seemed to enjoy it, so I guess I did alright. Before we left, I took a picture with the pony fashion icon herself as to always remember that moment.

Even though none of the horses were named Li’l Sebastian, I felt very proud. According to Pawnee lore, Li’l Sebastian sired over 200 mini-horse children, so I very well may have met one of his descendants.

Bye-bye, Chanel, Benjamin, Cough Drop, Armani, Louis and Oscar. You’re 5,000 miniature horses in the wind.