6 easy ways to spend your summer like a Kardashian

If you’re worried about being bored this summer and have a couple million dollars to blow, here are some ideas to keep life interesting.

1. Have a lake day

Maybe minus the ballgown.

flashback Cannes 2015. I’m back 👋🏼

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2. Spend time with the family

Plus, the President of the United States.

3. Take a European vacation

You might not get to walk across the Trevi Fountain in a designer gown like Kendall did, but you can stand next to it.

one of the most beautiful shows last night with @fendi #Fendi90Years

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4. Get some candids

You might have to get your friends to take them as opposed to the paparazzi.

Turks & Caicos 📸

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5. Make sure you’re the center of attention

Learn from Kourtney. If all of your friends get matching swimsuits, make sure you remain the star at all costs.


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6. Switch up your look

Bleach your eyebrows like Kim, or, you know, just get some highlights.