Campus in Autumn

Take a moment on your way home

It’s out there, perhaps everywhere,

so slow down, take a look around

Watch how the sky is set alight by the setting sun

How those swirling embers of purples, reds and blues

sink into the earth

Listen for a bit, trees sing songs of the sea

as leaves dance through the air,

turning the ground into hallowed gold

The trees are smitten, blushing reds

As they quiet,

Mornings will soon turn cold and crisp, something’s in the air

Nights are getting longer, absent of cricket harmonies

Flowers are being undone, leaving behind farewell kisses

as our squirrels haul treasures into slumber

and birds freckle that fiery sky, sailing south

The world is changing but it doesn’t stop spinning

and many people don’t realize how dizzy they are

Life exists between the lines

so next time you’re headed home

slow down, it’s there, let the wind play with your hair

Look around, it’s there, a fairytale romance in the air