Campus tour survival guide

It’s that time of year again. The TOP events have begun, and the campus tours are becoming more frequent. This isn’t easy for anyone, but we’ve compiled a survival guide to help you emerge from the swarms of touring high school students and incoming freshman *relatively* unscathed.

Step one: Do NOT go into DSU

This is kind of a no-brainer because the place will almost certainly be packed. If you absolutely must go in, remember that while the Chick-fil-A line looks intimidating, Papa Johns will take twice as long.

Step two: DO give them a glimpse into their future

We can all remember the days when we dressed up for our campus tour in hopes of impressing the college kids. If you’re looking extra rough when you pass by a tour, don’t fret. They too will soon only wear t-shirts twice their size.

Step three: Embrace it

You may know that you have two papers and an exam this week and haven’t slept properly in months. But to the kids on tour, you’re a super cool college student that has life figured out and whose biggest worry is how many parties to attend this weekend. So walk tall and enjoy these few seconds of admiration because it’s about all we’re going to get.

Step four: Rep your hometown (or not)

If you see people from your old high school on tour, you have two choices. If you love them to death, offer them a meal swipe and give them the lowdown on WKU.

If they are the actual worst, duck, cover and pray your awkwardness shields you from being discovered.

Side Note: If you live in Minton Hall, just avoid the stairs altogether — unless you want to be stared at like a zoo creature in his or her natural habitat. If you live on the second floor, all I can offer is my condolences.