Jump(suit)ing from Spencer’s to Saturday’s football game

[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]las, we made it to another year on the Hill!

I know we’ve all been itching to get back into the school groove — whether that be anticipating Cage the Elephant’s free concert after the first home game or even catching up with the friends you haven’t seen since May over a nice cup of coffee. Whatever it is that gets you back into your groove, I’m here to make sure your closet is well-equipped for any occasion thrown your way this year.

Nonetheless, you always need that one piece in your wardrobe that can take you through a wide array of events that occur on the Hill. So, to get more bang for your buck, invest in staple pieces that you can wear an abundance of ways. Your bank account (or your parents) will thank you.


For me, that investment is a denim jumpsuit. When you find that perfect piece for your wardrobe, it’ll feel like sipping a fresh cup of joe at Spencer’s for the first time in three months, syllabus week or even cheering on the Tops at their first home game of the season – complete bliss.


What says “I’m hip, and I hang out at coffee shops multiple times a day” more than a black t-shirt and denim? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.

That’s why I slipped on my dark-hued tee, a pair of funky flats and grabbed a cup of Bowling Green’s best coffee.


To transition your look from a coffee date to class, swap out the black tee for a white one, funky flats for fresh kicks and a statement earring. You totally get an A+ for the outfit you’re rockin’.



Since the forecast for Saturday’s game is presumably going to be a 100% chance of frickin’ hot, opt out of layers and stick to accessorizing to switch up your look.

A neck scarf, a wedge that’ll safely get you from your designated tailgating area to Smith Stadium, a simple earring and, of course, don’t forget the most important accessory to your ensemble: your red towel.

With that being said, welcome back to the Hill! I wish you a year chock-full of white squirrel sightings, Big Red belly shakes, GADs donuts and toned calves from walking up this fine Hill every day.