Courses you definitely didn’t know WKU offered

Call me a nerd, a geek or a girl who’s just putting off doing homework, but I love when the upcoming semester’s course catalog is released. Looking for different classes to take is like grocery shopping: you’re there to get certain things, but along the way, you might find a couple of random things you didn’t know you needed that turned out to be really cool.

Recently, I scoured WKU’s course catalog to uncover some niche classes that will be offered in spring 2018. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about how to train a horse, make beer or tap dance, this list is for you.

Rock and Roll

Music 320

Love to rock? Love to roll? Love cool rocks and dinner rolls? This class is for you.

Blues Music

Music 322

Another music history course, except in blue. (Get it?) (Ha) (Ha) (Please laugh)



Art 280

Though it is not of the underwater basket variety, this course in weaving will give you some skills you could probably apply underwater if you really wanted to.

The Good and the Beautiful

Philosophy 102

This class will be taught by me, Rachel Phelps, and it is the story of my life.

Horse Training

Animal Science 333

Here’s your chance to become a full-fledged member of “The Saddle Club,” just like those girls in that book series that horse girls used to read in elementary school.

Fermentation Microbiology

Brewing and Distilling Arts and Sciences 300


Fake News and Civil Discourse

Citizenship and Social Justice 301

One doesn’t usually see the words “fake news” and “civil discourse” placed so close to one another, and yet here we are.

Tap Dance I

Dance 115

For those seeking to join the cast of “Anything Goes.” (Or for those who are convinced that “La La Land” is the greatest movie ever and Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s mediocre-at-best tap skills have inspired you.)

Speculative Fiction

English 340

This class, which hails from my home turf in the English department, is all about science fiction novels and is therefore probably the coolest class on this list.


History of American Pop Culture

History 447

Which Founding Fathers would have watched “Bob’s Burgers?” I don’t know if this class will teach you the answer to that question, but I think it’s a question the American people deserve an answer to.

Outdoor Skills–Water

Recreation Administration 337

This class will be taught by special guest professor Bear Grylls, who will teach the art of surviving outdoors and/or how to drink one’s urine.

Vegetable Production

Horticulture 419

I know nothing about what this class will entail, but I feel like this is the kind of course that would make an appearance in an episode of “Portlandia.” Can’t you imagine Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein making jokes about this? I sure can.

There you have it. The next step is for you to print off this list, bring it to your adviser, and demand that she get you into no fewer than three of these classes, otherwise college will have been an utterly pointless venture.

Happy registration!


Editor’s note: A previous version of this article incorrectly listed the course number for “Fake News and Civil Discourse.” We apologize for being part of the fake news problem. The Talisman regrets the error.