How to be a dorm barista extraordinaire

It is a truth universally acknowledged that college students are addicted to coffee. It is also a truth universally acknowledged that while coffee is best when acquired from Spencer’s Coffee or Starbucks, such a habit gets awfully expensive. I’ve learned a thing or two about crafting homemade coffee and tea beverages while being young and broke, so I’m here to share my expertise. After getting the hang of some basics, you too can be a dorm barista extraordinaire.

Some basic tools:

1. Coffee maker

2. Electric tea kettle

3. Milk frother

If you don’t have an electric tea kettle, you can just boil water in a pot. And a milk frother isn’t mandatory — you can still make delicious drinks without it. Your drinks just won’t have any froth. Now, let’s get down to business


Matcha latte

2 bags of matcha green tea (I use Celestial Seasonings)
6 ounces of hot water
2 teaspoons of sugar
2 ounces of milk

Using the tea kettle, heat water then pour over tea bags. Steep for five minutes and squeeze bags. Remove the bags after squeezing. Stir in sugar. Heat up two ounces of milk and froth according to the directions on your frother. Pour into tea and enjoy!



5 ounces of coffee
2 teaspoons of sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring (or any flavor of your choosing!)
3 ounces of milk

Brew coffee according to preferences. Stir in sugar and flavoring. Microwave milk for 30 seconds and froth it up, baby.



1 bag of Earl Grey tea
6 ounces of hot water
2 teaspoons of sugar
Splash of vanilla or lavender extract
2 ounces of milk

With this drink, you can pretend to be at Harlaxton Manor along with all your friends who abandoned you to have a European adventure (not that you’re bitter or anything). Using tea kettle, heat water then pour over tea bag.Steep for five minutes. After steeping, squeeze bag and toss it. Stir in sugar and add a splash of flavoring. Froth up some warm milk and you’re good to go.

The best part about being a Dorm Barista Extraordinaire is that once you’ve mastered a few basic tricks, you can create almost any drink you can think of. Being your own barista is a great way to get creative and experiment with new flavors. Have fun!