A plethora of records, posters and band tees fill the walls of Melodies and Memories on the square in downtown Bowling Green on Feb. 1. (Photo by Garrett Woodrum)

Echoes of nostalgia: inside the musical empire of Melodies and Memories

From the psychedelic discography of Pink Floyd to the indie melodies of Lana Del Rey, hundreds of vinyls line the walls of local record store Melodies and Memories, which is located downtown. 

Store owners and Franklin natives J.C. and Bobby Mosley said they worked to craft an engulfing and exhilarating experience when stepping into their store, creating both a time capsule for and a testament to the vintage art of analog music and old memorabilia.  

Upon entering, customers are met with a display of curated music that sits organized in the centerpiece of the shop. The ambiance of the store features multiple miscellaneous posters, iron-on patches, band shirts, classic magazines and other old novelties. 


J.C. and Bobby Mosley said seven years ago they left their careers in construction to pursue their passion for selling music and vintage items. They said they established their record store in Bowling Green shortly after surveying the area for the perfect spot, pushing out of their comfort zone.

“I decided it was time to get out and do something we like. It’s hard, not physically, but mentally,” Bobby Mosley said.

J.C. (left) and Bobby Mosley stand outside of Melodies and Memories on Thursday, Feb. 1. They have owned the store for the past 7 years. (Photo by Garrett Woodrum)

The store co-owners said they carefully select each item on display in the store, having anything that a vintage enthusiast could imagine. From old Nintendo 64 games and action figures to music cassettes, Bobby Mosley said the product range is constantly growing and evolving.

“When we first started, it was nothing but vintage and rock ‘n’ roll,” Bobby Mosley said. “And then everybody kept saying, ‘Everybody’s done listened to classic rock,’ So I had to wake up and get some other things going on.”

Bobby Mosley said that the record he was listening to, “Back in Black” by AC/DC, should last no less than two lifetimes with careful handling due to its “immaculate” condition. 

The store co-owners said that one can expect all vinyl sold by Melodies and Memories to be cared for and stored in a way that will maintain great quality and sound.

“I want it to be the best record store and the cleanest record store. The cleanest music, let’s put it that way,” Bobby Mosley said. “I don’t want you to go down there and get a skipping or scratchy record.”

A pressing of “Barry Manilow I” sits on the second level of Melodies and Memories located on the square in Bowling Green. (Photo by Garrett Woodrum)

Both Bobby and J.C. Mosley place a great amount of importance on the maintenance of the vinyl being sold. Bobby Mosley said that most vinyl they receive from the stores’ distributor is sealed and already in great condition. 

Upon receiving their shipment, Bobby examines the vinyl to ensure crisp sound quality. Using an undamaged needle, each vinyl is listened to closely to ensure that the vinyl disc itself contains no skips or scratches. After passing the sound test, the vinyl is stored upright in their display to avoid any warping. 

“I spent a lot of time on my records,” Bobby Mosley said. “I will throw them out if they skip; I wouldn’t ever want to give that away. So, that kind of separates me, and it’s harder.”

Bobby Mosley said that a likely cause for the sudden vinyl resurgence lies within the way individuals can engage with analog music. By selling only physical forms of music, Bobby Mosley said Melodies and Memories allows customers to experience music differently. Most music today is entirely digital, and it is difficult to find true analog copies that do not involve some amount of stereo, he said. 

“The thing I wanted to bring back was something that you could hold in your hand, not use your phone. You can pick it up and actually own it …  a lot of people want that today,” Bobby Mosley said.


Louisville native Katie Ward is a frequent shopper at Melodies and Memories and said the shop and its vinyls offer her the ability to physically connect to music.

“I think physical music is really important,” Katie said. “If you own a physical copy of your favorite album, it feels like that’s a piece of you. Record stores like this help to provide identity.”

Ward said that the store has a unique atmosphere and that all customers should expect to purchase multiple items while browsing the collection.

“Make sure you have the day so that you can stay here and look at everything,” Ward said. “There is so much, you are going to want to buy everything.”

The owners of Melodies and Memories have also dedicated the entire upstairs floor to selling sound systems, most of which have been repaired by Bobby Mosley.

“A lot of people don’t know about the upstairs,” he said. “Anything you wanna play, just let me know. I’ll come over and help you.”

Olivia First, a student at WKU, said she found a “warm and welcoming” home in Melodies and Memories. First said she looks forward to coming in and shopping at Melodies and Memories because it’s for everyone.

“There’s no other place like it in Bowling Green,” First said. “There’s a lot to look at and I think you could bring in a plethora of people here, all very different.”

A plethora of records, posters and band tees fill the walls of Melodies and Memories on the square in downtown Bowling Green on Thursday, Feb. 1. (Photo by Garrett Woodrum)

First said she often visits the shop alone to look at every new item that Melodies and Memories puts on display.

“Take your time and don’t be rushed,” Olivia said. “I thought it was best for me to come here alone at first so I could really look around and experience it all.”

Both owners said they hold a deep passion for music and nostalgia, as they explained that their store is centered on the remembrance of different music media and novelty types of the past.


“It would take me back to places where I was when the song came out, what I was doing. Music and my family have always been there,” Bobby Mosley said. “Mom or Dad or Grandpa had always been playing music just in the car or in the house.”

Bobby Mosley said that he hopes for music to continue being a significant part of everyone’s lives and for the power of analog music to be embraced. “I would hope that everybody who loves music comes down here and finds something that they really, really like. It does take you to a better place,” he said.

Melodies and Memories is located at 419 Park Row and is open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.