Enjoy the moment: A feel-good, end-of-semester playlist

It was my favorite kind of evening, reaching the end of a mid-spring day — the kind where it’s still warm outside even when the sun starts to dip below the horizon. The kind of evening where you can hear the crickets and the frogs sing if you step outside and listen long enough.

But the beauty of that night was lost on me. Weeks away from my high school graduation, I felt like I was drowning in assignments and exams and final projects. You could read the stress in the lines across my face.

But I was also overwhelmed by something deeper. Looking back, I think it was simply the knowledge that change was inevitable, and for me, it was coming so soon. I was left with a fear of the unknown, and I was letting it take over my life, turning me into someone I was not.

Somehow, my mother could tell. She pulled me aside and gave me some of the best advice.

“Remember to stop and enjoy the moment you’re in,” she said to me. “It’s a special one.”


Looking back, I know she was right. Studying was important, and change was coming. But I didn’t need to let myself get overwhelmed by these things. I needed to remember to soak in the beauty around me while I could — whether that was a springtime sunset or my last high school dance or a late night with friends. I needed to remember to take my focus off my stress and fear of the future. I needed to let go and have fun.

Now, as a senior in college on the cusp of my graduation, I’m realizing that I’m once again becoming that same scared and stressed-out girl from high school. Worried about final grades and plans after graduation, it’s easy to let myself feel overwhelmed and out of control.

But, in quiet moments, my mother’s advice from four years ago comes pouring back. I don’t need to wish this time away, I hear her say; I need to enjoy it while it lasts.  

This playlist of fun, upbeat songs is helping me remember to do just that. Filled with music I can’t help but dance or sing along to, it’s helping me remember to let go, have fun and soak in the moments I have left in Bowling Green and at WKU. .

Whether you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by summer plans or life after graduation, I hope these feel-good songs inspire you to do the same. I hope they remind you to take a break, and enjoy the moment you’re in — because it’s a special one.