Doug Wells, a regular churchgoer at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, waits for Sunday mass to begin and reads the weekly schedule after praying. Wells comes every weekend and has been going to St. Joseph’s since 2003. (Photo by Sean McInnis)

From the Magazine: Dusk to dawn

As stars become visible over the city of Bowling Green, the streets shift away from their daytime routines to make room for the flourishing activity that consumes the night. During these hours, Talisman photographers scoured the city providing inside looks into the happenings of people after dark. Street lights illuminate the night as Bowling Green residents expose what the time between dusk and dawn has to offer. On and around campus, WKU students get ready for their night out while 24/7 diners crawl with midnight snackers. Rich character envelopes each passing hour, from the always open gas station whose employees work tirelessly through Saturday nights to the early morning churchgoers who are bright-eyed for Sunday morning mass. Through the night, the city both rests and lives, creating all that is Bowling Green.

At around 11 p.m. on a Saturday night, Morgan Montgomery (from left) sits as Meredith Moser and Reagan Sosnowski add the finishing touches to her makeup look before heading off campus to a fraternity event. Running back and forth between different friends’ dorm rooms in Minton Hall, the girls enjoyed getting ready as a group, helping each other by holding up lights and doing each other’s makeup. (Photo by Rhiannon Johnston)
At 10 p.m. Chloe Corso, a freshman fashion merchandising major, begins her Saturday night by crimping her hair, doing her makeup, and picking out an outfit. Living in Minton on campus, Corso usually gets ready with a few friends in her dorm playing music and socializing before she goes out. “Getting ready with my friends on the weekends is something I always look forward to,” Corso said. “We do our hair and makeup and trade outfits while listening to our favorite songs. I love experimenting with different looks and going out of my comfort zone in terms of fashion.” (Photo by Rhiannon Johnston)
At 1 a.m. Donovan Roswall and Emma Shackleford enjoy a pool game at Southern Lanes Bowling Alley in Bowling Green. Open from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Saturdays, Southern Lanes offers all sorts of entertainment from bowling to laser tag and arcade games. Tucked in the back of the building is a pool table area and bumper cars. “This is actually the first time I have been to Southern Lanes. The atmosphere was great, we had a lot of fun,” Shackleford said. (Photo by Rhiannon Johnston)
Around midnight, outside Dublin’s Irish Pub, college students eagerly wait to enter to begin their Saturday night festivities. Long lines often form outside of the small pub as it is a late-night hot spot for college students. (Photo by Rhiannon Johnston)
The sun rises on the morning of Feb. 20, as seen from Reservoir Park located on top of College Hill in Bowling Green. The park offers a scenic overlook of town illuminated by the sun’s rays as dawn creeps over the horizon. (Photo by Sean McInnis)
Chok Soth, a dishwasher at Lisa’s Fifth Street Diner, is greeted by regular customers at the restaurant early Sunday morning. Soth greeted and posed for them before beginning his shift. (Photo by Sean McInnis)
Two newlyweds Mathew and Kaileigh Cooke (left) sit with their friends Jordan and Kasey Murphy (right), also newlyweds, enjoying doughnuts and their newly married status after a night out. “I can’t wait until they say mister and misses at GADS,” Mathew Cooke said. (Photo by Sean McInnis)
Harris Meskovic checks the volume on an underground storage tank before filling it up at a Shell gas station on Russellville Road in Bowling Green. When he immigrated from Bosnia, Meskovic said he had to work his way up to his trucking position and is thankful for the opportunity for the work he gets in the U.S. (Photo by Sean McInnis)
A local stops in for an early morning breakfast at the Nashville Road Waffle House. Serving fresh eggs, bacon and waffles, the breakfast joint is a popular place for people to eat right before Sunday morning activities. (Photo by Rhiannon Johnston)
Sheridan Harmon, a Franklin Waffle House third shift cook, flips a customer’s scrambled egg around 6 a.m. Sunday morning. Harmon has worked at the local Waffle House as a cook for about 7 years. “Some nights are longer than others but you get through it,” Harmon said. (Photo by Rhiannon Johnston)
Located off Nashville Road, the Franklin Waffle House is open 24 hours, seven days a week. Though located in Franklin, many of the customers are from the Bowling Green area. When the Bowling Green Waffle Houses are closed, customers make the short 30-minute drive to Franklin Kentucky to get their late-night or early morning breakfast meal (Photo by Rhiannon Johnston)