Matt Marrillia, a freshman from Louisville, plays his banjo as students walk through Centennial Mall on Friday, Aug. 25. (Photo by Preston Jenkins)

GALLERY: Week One On The Hill

As summer ends and the fall semester commences, student life returns to the Hill. From moments small and large, the Talisman photographers spent week one capturing these slices of life across WKU’s campus.

Junior Xavier Glauber hits the cue ball in the DSU recreation area on Thursday, Aug. 24. Glauber is a member of the Hilltopper 8-Ball Pool Club that meets at 6:30 p.m. on Mondays. “I work in the rec room most of the week, so if it’s slow I’ll hop in a game,” he said. “It’s fun and I love it.” (Photo by Lauren Howe)
Freshman Sean Williams (left) and Denarius Perry (right) play “Jackpot” in front of Hugh Poland Hall on Friday, Aug. 25. Jackpot is a game were one player throws the ball to the other participants for points, and whoever accumulates the most points wins. (Photo by Eli Randolph)


Douglas Keen Hall room keys sit in Parking Structure 3 on Sunday, Aug. 20. Housing and Residence Life Associate Director Blair Jensen and residence assistants handed out room keys to incoming students preparing to move into their dorms. (Photo by Brodie Curtsinger)
From left to right, Alex Mooney and Wayne McClung play guitar while Robbie Purvis plays the mandolin. The group created tunes together at Centennial Mall on Monday, Aug. 21, the first day of the fall semester. (Photo by Adin Parks)
Daniel Grant, the 5-year-old son of Braden Grant, a pedagogical assistant professor in the Gordon Ford College of Business, lines up to kick a soccer ball on South Lawn on Friday, Aug. 25. “I like baseball more than soccer, but I still like soccer,” Grant said. (Photo by Lauren Howe)