Gallery: Western’s Winter Wonderland

With classes canceled Monday and Tuesday, WKU students headed out to enjoy the snow on campus. 2-3 inches of snow poured over 4 inches of sleet in Bowling Green, according to the National Weather Service and White Squirrel Weather. In an email to WKU faculty & staff, provost Cheryl Stevens said “Days like this are a gift. Please enjoy!”


A car with a WKU license plate is completely frozen over from Winter Storm Uri on Feb. 15. (Photo by Tucker Covey)
WKU students sled down Van Meter Hill on an inflatable mattress on Feb. 15. Many students spent hours sledding on the Hill, including these students who made several trips home to re-inflate the mattress. (Photo by Cristina Betz)
WKU students toss a frisbee as a warm-up for a game of ultimate frisbee on South Lawn on Feb. 15. (Photo by Veronica Teeter)
Winter Storm Uri sent a deep freeze through Bowling Green on Feb. 15, from the tops of trees to roads and sidewalks. WKU’s campus was closed for the week and many local businesses closed or shortened their hours. (Photo by Tucker Covey)
WKU students used anything they could get their hands on as a sled. Car parts such as side doors and hoods were handy for large amounts of people. Other makeshift sleds included storage box lids, baking sheets, and “Healthy On The Hill” yard signs. (Photo by Veronica Teeter)