Got Questions? Here are the Manswers

Manswers is sweeping WKU’s dorms. PFT’s session was just a few nights ago, and it was truly historic.

For Manswers, the ladies of PFT drafted anonymous  questions to their masculine peers on sticky notes. These questions were answered by a panel of men in a crammed-full room on the top floor of PFT.

Scroll down to see our photo gallery of the event.

Here’s a sampling of the questions and answers:

What’s your perfect date?
“Go to Cookout or Red Lobster. Go to the park to let the food settle, then watch all seven Star Wars movies. In a row.”

What would you do if you had boobs?
“Same thing I do now — play with them a little.”

Would it bother you if your girlfriend/wife made more money than you?
“I don’t wanna be broke!”

How do you feel about piercings?
“I think they’re hot.”

Worst first date?
“Netflix and chill. Y’all wanna go out and go-cart?”

What would you do if you were a girl for a day?
“Play around and see what’s there.”

What is the most annoying thing a girl could do to turn you off?
“Here I am making out with a girl. She says ‘stop.’ She says ‘You remind me so much of my brother.’ Don’t compare [me] to your family.”

Favorite style of shoe on a girl?

What’s your guilty pleasure?
“Watching romantic comedies. Alone.”
(a moment passes)
“Some girl already messaged me on [Facebook]!”

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