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Happy Valentine’s Day from the Talisman!



Now that you’re finished watching the video, here’s another sweet story from a WKU professor!

“I still remember the date: Aug. 17, 1987. I was coming from Taiwan, my home country, to South Carolina to study for my master’s and Ph.D. I emailed the international student organization prior to coming over and requested that they send someone to pick me up from the airport.

My name is gender neutral, so I can imagine most of the boys that usually pick up students were not thrilled to drive out to the airport to pick up another boy. No one wanted to come get me. But there I was, standing there as a secondhand Toyota station wagon pulled up. I could tell he was confused — he was looking for a boy.

But boy, was he surprised when he realized it was me he was looking for. We were both pursuing graduate degrees, and we were both from Taiwan. We’ve been together ever since. 29 years. My message to you would be, “Do your service to find your Valentine.” You never know when you’ll meet that special someone.”

Yining Chen, Accounting Professor and Mary R. Nixon Chair

xoxo tali