Hilltopper Haikus

Haikus are used to capture moments and impart little ideas on their readers. They’re simple concepts and pieces of wisdom told in just 17 syllables.

Life at WKU is full of learning (obvi), but there is more to understand about WKU than just books and classes. These haikus offer tiny bits of Hilltopper wisdom.



They fought their demons

Climbing the hill in August

But class was canceled.


Mistake: Walking up to Cherry only to realize that your 8 AM class is canceled.

Lesson Learned: Check your TopperMail.  


Let’s go somewhere nice

I’ve got some extra meal swipes

Where are you going?  

Mistake: Taking your other half on a dinner date with your extra meal swipes.  

Lesson Learned: As much as we adore Red Zone’s pancakes, it’s not quite equivalent to Olive Garden.  


Swinging in the breeze

My companion by my side

I love my lanyard.  

Mistake: Straining your neck due to the weight of your lanyard.  

Lesson Learned: We’re not quite sure what the lesson is here, but it’s important.  


An inquisition

“Where is my student discount?”

The bookstore clerk sighed.  

Mistake: The WKU Bookstore does not offer a student discount.  

Lesson Learned: Places around campus don’t offer a student discount, but inquire about this perk elsewhere.  


An abundance of

Assigned readings fill my night

No homework for me.  

Mistake: Thinking that assigned readings aren’t required.  


Lesson(s) Learned: Always prepare for class and don’t put off your reading until the night before. “Assigned reading” doesn’t exactly mean “no homework.”


Deep-fried wonderland

The freshman fifteen is real

Waffle fries are too.  


Mistake: Falling victim to the freshman fifteen.  

Lesson Learned: Eat healthy, take care of yourself, and use the Preston Center when possible.


I don’t feel so good

Regret from a one-night stand

Is outweighed by Fresh.

Mistake: Eating at the ironically named Fresh Food Company.  

Lesson Learned: Eat elsewhere.


Forgot to feed you

College got the best of me

A goldfish’s life snuffed.  

Mistake: Neglecting your pet goldfish.

Lesson Learned: Plan your days and manage your time wisely in college.


The plight of Western

Nary is there parking here

Now I’m late to class


Mistake: Not allocating enough time to park and go to class.  

Lesson Learned: Western may be a university with an international reach, but it still doesn’t have as many parking places as it should. Plan accordingly.