How to choose the best planner for you

With the semester in full swing, schedules are getting busy. Staying organized is key to being successful in college, but how do you know what works best for you? We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite planners for college students, so you can get on top of it ASAP.

Monthly Planners

With a monthly layout, everything is right in front of you. If you like to keep things simple without having to write to-do lists or a full schedule, a monthly planner is perfect for you. Most are small and portable, too, so they are great if you’re on the go. When all of your due dates, appointments and meetings are laid out for the month, it’s easy to find where you can make time for other events, and you can even pencil in goals for the rest of the month or semester.

There are so many monthly planners out there: desk pads and spiral-bound notebooks in lots of different colors and patterns. Here are a few to try:

  1. Blue Sky 2017 Monthly Planner
  2. AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Planner
  3. Blue Sky Monthly Tablet Calendar

Weekly Planners

If you have several activities a week outside of your class schedule, a weekly planner might be more practical than a monthly layout. It allows more space to add in meeting dates and times, homework assignments and specifics about a test.

With a weekly planner, you have the entire month and each week in front of you. This type of planner is great to take from class to class because it won’t take up too much space in your backpack or purse, but it’s still versatile.

The Erin Condren LifePlanner is popular because it is completely customizable. From the cover design to the layout, you can create it to perfectly fit your needs. Some other great weekly planners include:

  1. Day Designer Weekly/Monthly Planner
  2. DIY Weekly/Monthly Planner
  3. AT-A-GLANCE Academic Year Weekly/Monthly Planner

Daily Planners

A daily planner is the way to go for those who juggle many extracurriculars, who have to write things down to remember them or who like to stay organized.

These planners are specific and allow you to schedule your day down to the hour, but they still include a monthly layout, so you can easily plan out your entire semester. Most daily planners also designate a spot for jotting down ideas, to-do lists or shopping lists.

Daily planners tend to be bulkier, so they’re a little more difficult to tote around, but they’re manageable. There are lots of different daily planners to fit specific lifestyles, and some are even customizable. Our favorites are:

  1. Panda Planner Pro
  2. Academic Daily Simplified Planner
  3. Academic Daily Purposeful Planner