Bowling Green residents participate in a bike parade to encourage the people of Bowling Green Ky, to voice their opinion and vote.

How to vote

No matter where you stand in this turbulent political climate, we at the Talisman want to make sure you know how to voice your opinion.

While the next primary in Kentucky isn’t until May 22, 2018, it’s never too early to make sure you have a voice! Kentucky has closed primaries, meaning you cannot vote in a primary if you’re registered independent. The deadline to change your party affiliation in order to be eligible to vote in the primary is Dec. 31, 2017.

So we have compiled a step-by-step guide to show you just how easy is to show your patriotism, get informed and exercise your right to vote.

Note: This guide covers Kentucky residents only. For Tennessee residents, you can find voting information here. For all other states, is a great starting place.

You can register to vote three ways

  1. Online.
  2. In person at your local county clerk’s office and a few other public facilities.
  3. By mail by printing off a registration card and mailing it to your county clerk’s office.

You can find your county clerk’s address and phone number here.

Absentee Ballots

If you’re already registered to vote but will be stuck in Bowling Green on election day, fear not. Just call your local county clerk’s office and they’ll hook you up with an absentee ballot! The deadline to apply for a mail-in absentee ballot is seven days before the election.

Studying Abroad?

Just because you’re spending your semester in England does not mean you have to leave your American roots behind! You can fill out a Federal Post Card Application which allows you to vote from overseas.

Moving Out?

If the sad day has finally arrived for you and your parents to part addresses, all you have to do is send in another voter registration card, indicating that your address has changed. The same goes if you change your name!

Don’t forget that you must be registered 29 days before an election to be eligible to vote! For the 2018 primary, this deadline is April 23.

For more information on how to vote, refer to the state Board of Elections website and if all else fails, don’t be afraid to call your county clerk. They are there to help.