Insta-vote your outfit

We the people in order to form a more perfect Instagram…

Imagine with me for a moment.

It’s December 1776, George Washington and his boys are crossin’ the Delaware fixin’ to raise some Cain — all of the sudden *snap* — and history is immortalized forever.

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Like Washington, you too could make history as you help determine the future of the United States. However, unlike Washington, you won’t do so by crossing the Delaware River. You’ll help make history by stepping into a voting booth.

Today, I’m here to provide some inspiration for that picture-perfect moment when you walk out of your polling location wearing the “I Voted” sticker, a stamp of approval for a civic duty well-done. Scroll down for a style guide of Instagram-worthy Election Day attire. Potential captions are included.

Are you confused by which candidate to vote for? Just let your dog vote for you. 

Caption: Some of these candidates are all bark and no bite.20161107_political_styleguide_emoses020

If you’re feeling really official, channel your inner JFK and strut your stuff in your best suit and tie. Preferably, a navy suit and a red tie because, you know, ‘Merica. 

Caption: Hillary ain’t the only one who can rock a pantsuit #HillYeah.talisman1

Wear the flag on your back and party like it’s 1776. 

Caption: Repping the prep, white, and blue.talisman8-copy

Whether you wear a patriotic get-up or a banana suit to the polls, what really matters is that you vote.

Caption: Whether you find the election appealing or not, go vote.


Go get ‘em tiger, and vote like nobody’s watching. Well, except the government. They’re always watching.