It’s time to get spooked

Halloween is right around the corner, and we all know what that means. Haunted hayrides, houses, trails and scream parks are ready to terrify any soul brave enough to enter. Pumpkin patches are fine, but why not get a little spooked for the holiday? If you are not sure about going to a scary attraction, here are a few reasons why you should go.

1. They are great for date nights or a group of friends. There is nothing funnier than going on a date with someone or being with your friends and seeing them scared, especially if they seem to be fearless. And if everyone is scared, it’s fine to scream, jump, run and hold on tight to each other. In the moment, you might not be able to catch your breath, but afterward, you’ll be able to laugh at running from Leatherface’s chainsaw and cherish the silliness.

2. You can take pictures with the characters. Of course, the real horror characters are not behind the masks, but you need to get a selfie with Jason and Freddy Krueger. Most the actors would love to take a picture with you. They are dying to play the role they have been given.

3. You may find inspiration for a unique costume of your own. The attractions have more than popular characters roaming their grounds at night. They may have some costumes that go into great detail with makeup. If you’re having trouble deciding on your costume this year, scope out the actors. It may give you a great idea. You never know.

4. The aesthetics are awesome. Though it can be extremely difficult studying the rooms in a haunted house while trying to decipher if the shadow in the corner is an actual person or statue, a lot of work goes into the scenery, and it shouldn’t be ignored. You can find great props lying about and artwork on the walls. If you pay close enough attention, stories can be found within the attractions for different characters.

5. You can live out a horror story without really being in one. The greatest relief is that going to a scary attraction doesn’t actually mean you are a part of a horror movie. You just get to pretend for a night. So you can scream your head off and run from Michael Meyers and know that you will not be stabbed to death.

Now, are you ready to explore an eerie attraction? Here are a few you can check out.

Skeleton’s Lair Scream Park is located about 25 minutes from Bowling Green in Allen County. It’s reasonably priced and provides discounts for WKU students. The staff is very friendly and provides true tales of the land where the scream park was built.

Talon Falls Screampark is located two and a half hours from Bowling Green in Graves County, but I assure you, the trip is not a disappointment. Countless ghouls and monsters roam the night grounds, and they’re dying to get a good scare out of you. This scream park is not for the faint-hearted. Beware.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is two hours away from Bowling Green in Louisville. This attraction is rumored to actually be haunted, and it has countless stories of real horrors and deaths within the walls. It should come with a warning as well. They say that once you’re in, you never come out. Enter at your own risk.

The Haunted Hospital is located 30 minutes from Bowling Green in Scottsville. It was formerly known as Asylum 99. This is one I have yet to check out, but I hear they have clowns ready to play and zombies walking the halls, looking for a good. In the attraction’s own words, “Your bed is waiting.”