Netflix and warm: suggestions for a winter Saturday in BG

If you’re like many of us here at the Talisman, wintertime can be kind of a drag. The novelty of the cold quickly wears off and without a snow day, who’s really interested? Plus, with fickle and bleak weather, even the weekend options seem slim.

So, to combat the wintery blues and boredom, we’ve devised a list of tips and tricks to keep the joy alive. Check out these weekend possibilities that will help you forget the gloomy season.


1. Go see a movie at the Regal Cinema

Head into the warmth of a theater filled with overpriced popcorn and snacks. Get away from semester stress and the chilly reality with a couple of hours of escapism.

(I highly recommend “Moana” and “La La Land.”)

2. Hunt for treasures at Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul

Add to your closet while being friendly to the environment and your wallet. Spend the day looking for goodies to keep your mind off your winter woes.

(And hit me up if you find any promising old man clothes — asking for a friend … that friend is me.)

3. Search for some new tunes at Mellow Matt’s

Check out the latest and the hippest music at the local record store on Smallhouse Road. Just walking in will make you feel cooler (and warmer…LOL).

4. Find some books, movies and tunes at the Half Price Books Outlet

Drive on over to this fun little spot where you’ll find kind workers, old records and books galore. Like Barnes and Noble but quieter and more budget friendly, this bookstore is filled with hilarious, random and delightful discoveries.

(Plus, if you’re still stuck in the early-mid 2000s like I am, you can add to your DVD collection while you’re there.)

5. Warm up with a drink at Spencer’s Coffee

Make the classic and consistently good choice by bundling up and grabbing a hot drink at Spencer’s. This local hub will be just the fun, relaxing break you need from your dorm room or apartment. And you’ll probably even bump into friends while you’re there!

(Very biased suggestion: Spencer’s chai tea latte is perhaps the best drink known to man and you should get it when you go.)

6. Take out your semester frustrations on some pins at Southern Lanes

Relive the good ol’ days by participating in one of America’s (and my) favorite hobbies. Grab some buddies and enjoy the hilarity of neon, hideous shoes and friendly competition. And after you finish bowling, you can also play pool, laser tag or the other games in the arcade!

(And bowling in Bowling Green just feels meant to be, don’t you think?)

7. Embrace the cold and enjoy a day inside filled with Netflix and naps

Relish in the opportunity to curl up indoors with a hot drink, a warm blanket and loads of TV. After a long week of class and sleep deprivation, you’ll love having some quiet time to catch up on rest.

(Netflix and warm, am I right?)