Playlist: Country for people who don’t like country

Country music is not everyone’s favorite genre of music. Yes, the stereotype that every country song tells of lost love, small towns or dead dogs is sometimes true. But, whether you like it or not, living in the South means country music is a radio staple.  

A new subgenre with Southern roots in folk, rock and new-wave bluegrass has been making its way into the country music world. This subgenre is made up of artists who use their music to tell stories and express their emotions and their origins. Artists new and old are featured on this playlist to pay homage to country stars of the past and present that are breaking barriers with their sound. 

This playlist attempts to keep the old Kentucky home alive through the nostalgic twang in the singers’ voices but also looks towards the future with modern and realistic sounds and stories. Whether you are a country music lover or hater, this playlist incorporates  good sounds for everyone. Enjoy!