Picture of the Month: October

An interview with the photographer, Alyssa Pointer.

1. What drew you to take this image?
I was at The Skatebox last year when Jim Jones performed for the 2012 homecoming event. I was not well equipped with a strobe last year and because I knew the lighting circumstance I thought to bring my strobe to this concert. I’m not sure what song was playing but, as soon as it started to fade in on the speakers it seemed as though everyone started to “get hype”, dance and rap along. I pulled out my strobe and started flashing people as they were moving around. I enjoyed how people were so into the music that they didn’t really notice me taking photos.

2. What do you aspire to be as a photojournalist?
At first, I aspired to be a photojournalist because I liked to take photographs. After taking intro to photojournalism my freshmen year, I realized that was not why I wanted to be a photojournalist. I want to do this because I enjoy meeting new people. I genuinely get some sort of a high when I am able to talk with people that have something interesting to offer, which is everyone!

3. What do you try to capture with your work?
Moments. I try and capture moments in everyday life in my photographs so that people can look back and get those exact feelings they had during that moment.

4. What are your favorite things to work on?
I like taking portraits, especially in the studio. I love being able to meet with someone that doesn’t really know me and getting a photograph that describes them in a small amount of time.

Caption: Members of the crowd dance and rap along to music blaring from speakers at The Skatebox while they await the arrival of hip-hop artist Waka Flocka Flame. Three Kentucky party promotional groups, I-65 Nation, Startin5ive and Ham Ent., teamed together to bring Flocka to Bowling Green, Ky as an added option for the 2013 homecoming festivities.