Picture of the Month: September

An interview with the photographer, Everett Cislo.

Hometown: Edgewood, Kentucky
Year: Junior
Inspiration: A mixture of Ron Swanson and Stephen Colbert.

1. What drew you to take this image?

The subject had taken a elbow to his nose in a abrupt manner during a rugby game. The blood, previously inside of his body, began to quickly make its way externally via his face. I thought this was interesting.

2. What do you aspire to be as a photojournalist?


3. What do you try to capture with your work?

Truth or truthiness. Whichever is more presently at hand.

4. What are your favorite things to work on?

Anything that involves being outside and adventurous. And BBQ.

Matt Deller, a Melbourne freshmen, walks off the field after getting hit in the face by an opposing player’s elbow during a rugby match against the Hopkinsville Headhunters on Sept. 9th. Deller is in his first year at the flanker position for the Western Kentucky University Rugby team.