Ranking fries at WKU

WKU has a variety of restaurants with a variety of fries. Sometimes it’s hard to choose where to eat, but it’s a little easier when you only take into account what kind of french fry mood you’re in. Here’s our ranking of campus fries, worst to best.


  1. Grille Works french fries

Grille Works’ fries are a soggy potato mess. They have a good potato texture, but they’re a little more like mashed potatoes than actual fries. Some call them under-appreciated, and we get that. They can have good flavor. But, no one ever really just craves a cup of Grille Works fries.

  1. Fresh Food Company crispy shoestring fries

Fresh’s crispy shoestring fries rank low only because there’s nothing special about them. They’re not a classic, and they don’t really have any unique flavor or shape. They’re a little salty, but it’s not enough to set them apart. These fries aren’t what make Fresh loved, and we understand why. Plus, they’re not really that crispy, just averagely fried.


  1. RedZone Topper fries

RedZone’s Topper fries are a good, all-around basic fry, but compared to other basic fries, these don’t rank too high because of their texture and weird lack of flavor. These go well with anything just because they don’t stand well alone. Topper fries need something more, which is probably why RedZone offers loaded fries as a meal.


  1. The Den by Denny’s french fries

The Den’s fries are a good addition to their burger and similar meals, but they don’t stand alone all that well. This is a fry that someone’s going to need to be in the right mood to eat. The seasoning is amazing but not always evenly spread. You might bite into a flavorless potato wedge, but you might also be punched with flavor — you never know what you’ll get.

  1. RedZone sweet potato fries

RedZone’s sweet potato fries get points for being unique. They’re super sweet and sugary. They pair well with ketchup if you’re looking for more tang in your fry. While not everyone is always in the mood for these sweeter fries, they’re a good alternative to just the basic salted fry.


  1. RedZone tater tots

RedZone’s tater tots are not really fries, but they get third place for being a good all around potato product. They’ve got a nice texture and are good for anytime of the day! Breakfast, lunch or dinner, tater tots are acceptable and delicious. They have the perfect balance of crunch on the outside and soft goodness on the inside.


  1. Chick-fil-A waffle fries

The Chick-fil-A waffles fries are a classic. They’re a solid fry you can always rely on to be the exact same. They’re like the golden retriever of french fries: They’ve got a smile on their face and bring joy to everyone who eats them. Plus, they get points for looking cool.


  1. Steak ‘n Shake french fries

Steak ‘n Shake fries get first place because they have flawless shape, color and taste. They’re a good stand alone fry but also pair well with other flavors. Perfect for dipping in milkshakes or fun sauces, these thin, golden fries are a good go-to because they’re never under — or over — cooked, and you can always be in the mood for them.