Reasons to appreciate the Warren County Public Library

I believe there is nothing quite like a library. When I was little, going to the public library was exciting and intoxicating. Public libraries were one of my favorite places on earth. There were so many books. So many movies. So many amazing worlds to explore.

I miss that excitement.

When I walk into a library today, I smell and see the rows and rows of books, and it fills me with a sweet nostalgia that reminds me of simpler times.

This week is national library week. To celebrate, here’s a list of reasons you should take the time to visit the Warren County Public Library.

1. Four different branches

WCPL consists of the main branch located downtown (the Main Library), the Bob Kirby Branch, the Smiths Grove Branch and the Graham Drive Community Library.

2. A seed library

Yes, a place to check out seeds. At the Main Library and the Bob Kirby Branch, seeds are organized in an old-fashioned card catalog by type, and patrons are welcome to check out up to five packets of seeds per person per visit. After the plants are harvested, patrons are encouraged to save the seeds from their plants and take them back to the library or to donate seeds.

3. It’s within walking distance

I walked from campus to the Main Library with ease, and those of you who don’t have cars (like myself) can appreciate this. It’s also great exercise.

4. Events for adults

The branches put on events and activities for adults throughout the year. Some upcoming events this month include:

  • “Kentucky Hiking” at the Bob Kirby Branch on April 17
  • “Chair Yoga” at the Smiths Grove Branch on April 18
  • “Go Bananas! Benefits and Uses of Bananas” at the Main Library on April 19
  • “10 Apps to Organize Your Life” at the Main Library on April 24
  • “April Monthly Mindfulness: Essential Oils” at the Bob Kirby Branch April 26.

The branches also put on many events and activities for children and teens.

5. Food for Fines

Now through April 30, patrons can bring in food donations to any library location. Each food item allows the library to waive $1 in overdue fines. The library will donate the food items to a local food bank.

6. Quiet study spots

WCPL is quiet, cozy and has research materials. There are study rooms and plenty of tables, chairs and lamps. Patrons can buy coffee there as well.

7. Resources including adult nonfiction, adult fiction, CDs, DVDs, poetry, newspapers and magazines

You name it. I even saw a copy of the Talisman magazine at the Main Library when I visited.

8. Online databases

These free online resources and services the library provides include categories such as books and reading, language learning, research and homework help, and business, finance and careers.

9. Print From Anywhere

This mobile printing service allows patrons to access the library’s printing services from anywhere and pick up the prints or copies at the library locations. Patrons must pay to make prints and copies.