Simulating the WKU vs. Marshall game

UPDATE: Forget the simulation, WE WON!


When I realized I wouldn’t be in Bowling Green to see the football game against Marshall, I was bummed. But then I thought: Why not simulate the game?

Are you still in a turkey (or ham) coma from yesterday? Are you stuck outside of Bowling Green, eagerly awaiting the football news on your Twitter feed? Do you feel a little bit guilty that you’re not at the game, but just have other plans for your Thanksgiving break?

I booted up my copy of NCAA football ‘13 and set up a game between WKU and Marshall. The results are all below. Be warned: this match-up doesn’t end too well in videogame world. Here’s hoping the real thing goes better! Go Tops!

Marshall Kicks off to WKU, and the game is on!


WKU scores the first touchdown!


Marshall’s quarterback gets carted off the field after a huge tackle.


Marshall’s number 25, Kaleb Harris, breaks down and starts crying.


Big red dances a lot. As usual.


Harris cries again under the stress of losing.


Marshall gets wrecked. I think his spine is broken.


Marshall attempts a Hail Mary pass but it’s incomplete.


Marshall gets killed two plays in a row.


A WKU player dies. He attempts to get up, but then falls back down, clutching at his chest. RIP No. 6.


WKU’s Forrest Lamp breaks down and cries from the recent death of his teammate, No. 6.


Marshall managed to win 17-7.


But Big Red will always be the winner in our eyes.