4 ways to spruce up your room for spring

Whether you live in an apartment, house or dorm, settling with white, blank walls does not have to be the answer. There can be a happy medium between HGTV and your cinderblock dorm walls, and it might be easier than you think to achieve it! The aesthetic value of your living space does affect your mood, so something as simple as adding a pop of color can change the course of your whole day. There is a way to embody the “less is more” feel while adding fun touches.  

1. Vibrant colors

Don’t be afraid of color, and multiple colors at that!

One of my favorite things to do is add colors where you wouldn’t normally expect them to be. Painting furniture with fun pops of color will brighten any room immensely. Paint stools orange! Paint side tables pink! Paint a bookshelf blue! You could do it all!

Deciding on colors to use can sometimes be challenging. One way to choose is to find one item that you love color-wise, whether it be a book, poster or even a piece of clothing, and use that for color scheme inspiration throughout the entire room. This can also help you hone in on the style that you want your area to be.


2. Unconventional furniture/decor

Another way to make a space unique is to use things that aren’t furniture as, you guessed it, furniture. Hit up Craigslist or the local thrift store to get old school lockers, which look neat and serve as a nice, functional storage space. Stacking large, old books, vintage suitcases, or crates as tables can also be a way to show off your personality through decor while still being functional.

A way to make a wall interesting is to hang things up that you wouldn’t normally see as wall decor. This is another way to highlight your personality and is also an opportunity to display things that are tied to meaningful memories while making your room look cool as heck. Some examples might be a pair of killer pink roller skates, a ukulele, plates and woven baskets. The list goes on and on.

Next time you are looking through your pile of stuff taking up space on the floor and wondering where the heck you should put it, think no further! The wall is the answer (with the exception of your dirty laundry — don’t hang that up.)

3. Mix and match patterns/textures

There are lots of ways to use patterns and textures in a room. Mix them up! Add an abundant array of textures! Layering rugs, using several different textured throw pillows, and layering throw blankets are all ways to make your area cozier.

Renters’ wallpaper is similar to removable wall decals. It sticks to most surfaces and is a cheap and easy way to make an area interesting. It can totally change the whole aesthetic of a room.

Get creative with your renters’ wallpaper! Tables, mirrors, old books and headboards are all things you can cover in wallpaper to give them a whole new look!



4. Plant pairings

House plants can be used to enhance colors that are already in a room. Use the beautiful, rich green color of palms, ferns, monster and English ivy against complementary orange or pink, or against a white background to create a simple, fresh look.

If you’ve used green or yellow in your area, lilacs are the perfect complementary pop of purple. Use in-season lilies with teal or blue to create a contrast.

Place plants on window sills, fireplace mantles, kitchen counters, or on the back of toilets to pick up sunlight and add a pop of life to your room.