Style guide: What to wear when it rains on campus

April showers bring May flowers, I suppose. But April showers also bring bad hair days and a sense of panic because what am I supposed to wear when it’s a monsoon at 8:00 a.m. but bright and cheery by noon?

Hiking the Hill is difficult as it is, and the added slippery element that comes with a rainy day makes it all the more interesting.

However, your wardrobe doesn’t have to suffer.

Say so long to the days of soggy socks and damp denim. A compilation of fun and functional rainy day attire is featured below. Keep this list handy for the next time it’s raining rats and frogs (or whatever).

Mist (and I’m not talking Sierra because there’s nothing refreshing about Mother Nature sneezing on you).


This Kentucky weather is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.

Seize a misty day in your favorite pair of sneakers and a T-shirt, and always make sure you have your raincoat handy.

Sprinkle (not the kind you’ll find on those extravagant cupcakes featured in Facebook videos).


Even though this weather might make you feel gloomy, quack yourself up and slip on your L.L. Bean “duck boots” for the day.

Thunderstorm (either the Cullens are playing baseball or there’s a storm a-brewin’).


I know this torrential downpour has you hunting for better weather, but put on your rain boots and don’t let this storm get in the way of you enjoying your day.

Monsoon (when you can’t walk up the Hill because everyone knows you can’t go against a raging current, so you just stay in bed and wait for the flood waters to die down).


Buckle down and break out the paddles because you’ll probably need a boat to safely reach your 11:10.

Instead, simply retreat to the one place that will never harm you: your bed. Snuggle up in your trendy sweats, and start watching a new series on Netflix. Sit back and relax, folks. You’re ready to take on the storm.

If none of the previous looks suit your fancy, take a style cue from George W. Bush himself and throw on a plastic rain poncho.