No-Friendsgiving: Planning a Thanksgiving meal for one


Thanksgiving break is a time of year where most people are making plans to enjoy a lovely meal with their families. The kindest professors are canceling classes for Tuesday; students are heading home with months’ worth of laundry, and there will soon be plenty of on-campus parking spots.

But not everyone will be able to make it home for the holiday.

In the past few years, the trend of Friendsgiving has gone viral, providing students who couldn’t make it home for the holiday with another option. Essentially, friends hold a smaller version of the food-filled holiday without the family. For some people, this is their only Thanksgiving, but for others, it’s just one of several Thanksgiving meals.

Unfortunately, for some people, even Friendsgiving can’t replace the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Sometimes we can’t go home but our friends can, leaving us with a No-Friendsgiving.

But never fear! No-Friendsgiving doesn’t have to be a lonely night with delivery pizza and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here is a recipe for a successful holiday night in with yourself.

Some Thanksgiving meals can cost as much as WKU’s housing options, but it’s your lucky day. Because you’re only shopping for one, you won’t have to take out more loans. All of the ingredients can be found at your favorite shopping center for about $15. I chose to shop at Kroger.


–          Precooked rotisserie chicken $5.99

–          Instant stuffing $2.00

–          Instant potatoes $1.49

–          Cranberry juice $2.89

–          Pumpkin pie $2.99



Since your chicken is hot and ready to go, your cooking tasks will be minimal, to say the least.

Your first step is taking the chicken and putting it in a baking pan. This way you can add a fantastic Boomerang to your Instagram Story to showoff those fantastic cooking skills. Since you’re all alone, it might take a few tries to balance your Boomerang with your chicken handling.

After that, you will carefully follow your boxed stuffing microwave instructions. While the best part of Thanksgiving cooks, take the opportunity to pick out a holiday movie.

Next, you’ll put the “instant” in instant potatoes. In your last moments of meal prep, you’ll turn that pile of potato flakes into a fluffy mound of goodness. This is when you’ll also put out your best plastic plate and pick out your fanciest cup.

If you want to be extra, grab a packet of instant gravy mix to top off those fluffy mountains of potatoes. Just don’t use a vegan mix. Nothing against vegans; it just didn’t work out for me.

Since the pie is also conveniently made, the only thing left to do is create a beautiful display of food on your table, dorm floor or TV dinner tray.

This luxurious meal will turn your No-Friendsgiving into the best Thanksgiving yet.