Students take the long way around Guthrie Bell Tower, refusing to walk through the middle due to the suspicion that they won't graduate on time on Monday, Sept. 12, 2022. (Photos by Andrea Florence)

The 5 worst places to study on campus

In the beginning of the semester, you are likely settling into a study routine. Studying in the wrong place may determine how productive your studying session is, so here are five places on campus to avoid when trying to get work done. 

Your Dorm Room

If you think that one of the best places to study is somewhere you can relax, such as your dorm room, you’re wrong. You have your desk, laptop, pencil, paper and more right there in front of you. Do you know what else you have within reach? Your phone, Netflix, TikTok, Instagram and many other social media platforms that could distract you. Your roommate may barge in any minute and bring a few friends that try to convince you to go out for the night with them. A fun night out with your friends may relieve your stress, but it may also impact your ability to make good grades. You may even be tempted by the warmth and comfort of your bed and decide you just want to take a nap for 10 minutes, until 10 minutes turn into an hour, and suddenly you have no motivation to study. 


Downing Student Union Food Court

DSU’s food court is possibly the worst place you could study. Sure, enjoying a coffee from Starbucks and studying in a DSU booth sounds relaxing. However, DSU contains many restaurants that students are almost always in line for. All of the seating, both inside and outside, is constantly occupied by people enjoying their breakfast, lunch or dinner. When you finally find a seat,you look to your left and realize the person next to you is blasting their Netflix show while they eat. Then you look to your right and see the person on your other side is chewing their Papa John’s pizza obnoxiously loudly. How could you possibly study in an environment like that?

The DSU food court is full of long lines, laughter and conversation. The noisy environment is better suited for a good meal with friends than a study session on Monday, Sept. 12, 2022.

The Bus

The walk from the bottom of the hill to the top can be miserable. Riding the bus is a great solution to avoiding all the constant uphill walking. You may think that riding the bus gives you a little time to quickly review your notes for your next class, but that is not the case. Riding the bus can be extremely crowded, especially in between class changes. The most popular bus route, campus circulator, is almost always packed tightly together with people. How can you study when you can barely stand up?

Constant movement makes it difficult to study and leaves students like Leah Bratcher, a business administration major from Elizabethtown, to occupy themselves with their phones until they arrive at their stop on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

The Panda Express Line

It’s 11 a.m and you’re ready to go to lunch. You head over to the Commons in hopes that the line for Panda Express has finally shortened. You should’ve known better. You decide to deal with it and wait in line. To pass time by quicker, you pull out your notes and start studying. You get too invested to notice that the line has moved up further and many people have skipped you. Someone even bumped into you and knocked all of your papers out of your hand. It might be a better idea to study after you eat your chicken egg roll.

The Panda Express line at the Commons is never lacking in students. With many students focused on obtaining some delicious take-out, studying was the last thing on their mind on Monday, Sept. 12.

Guthrie Bell Tower

The Guthrie Bell Tower is known for bad luck. Rumor has it that if you walk under it, you won’t graduate. Even though many students do walk under it, it’s better to just not risk it. If walking under it can make you not graduate, imagine what studying under it could do. Would you fail your exam? Would you fail your class? 

Students take the long way around Guthrie Bell Tower, refusing to walk through the middle due to the suspicion that they won’t graduate on time on Monday, Sept. 12, 2022.