The bridge behind the Fine Arts Center connects to the Gordon Ford College of Business.(Photos by Alena Hines)

The best shortcuts on campus

Arriving to class sweating and with various cramps is a common occurrence when your campus sits on a steep hill. You may find yourself cursing WKU for being situated on a hill, which can feel more like a mountain. That’s why the Talisman has compiled a list of the best shortcuts on campus. With these tips, you can save time and energy while hiking to your next class.

The bridge behind the Fine Arts Center connects to the Gordon Ford College of Business.

Grise Hall 

Grise Hall is located right in the middle of campus. Home to Gordon Ford College of Business, Grise Hall sports a bridge straight to the Fine Arts Center, located next to the Commons at Helm Library. The bridge is located on the fourth floor to the left, right after exiting the stairs or the elevator. You may want to take the elevator because, if not, that could be four flights worth of leg cramps. From here, you can enter FAC’s second floor or the fourth floor of the Raymond Cravens Library, which includes another opportunity for a shortcut. 

A student walks out from the fourth floor entrance of the Raymond Cravens Library.

The Commons at Helm and Raymond Cravens Library

WKU has large libraries, but checking out books isn’t the only thing it’s good for. If you’re on the fourth floor of Cravens, you can walk across to the second floor of the Commons, where Spencer’s Coffee and Rising Roll are located. When you find yourself walking around the edge of campus and feel like grabbing a snack, but don’t feel like walking all the way around campus to get it, head into the library. Additionally, when you’re walking the streets around campus and you need to get to the top of the Hill or to the Commons, you can enter the Craven’s library first floor, take the elevator to the fourth floor and you will end up on the second floor of the Commons. From there, you can easily travel to FAC, Cherry Hall and College Heights Hall.  

The indoor bridge connects the Commons to Cravens.

The alleys on Chestnut Street

Another route to save you time is to use the sidewalks and alleys around the main campus. Instead of going through buildings, up stairs, around statues, around other students, just walk along Chestnut Street. While it’s a time saver, it is also easier on the body. If you walk from the Park Street Lot and travel down Chestnut Street, you can cut through to Normal Street using Kiss Me Avenue, Proctor Alley, Mimosa Alley as well as many others. These shortcuts can lead you to Craven’s Library, the Industrial Education Building and other locations near the bottom of the Hill.

A student walks in the alleyway between Cherry Hall and the Faculty House.

The alley between Cherry Hall and the Faculty House 

Cherry Hall is located at the top of the Hill, and right behind it is the Faculty House. It’s a unique building that resembles a cabin. In between the two is an alley. When you go through, you end up on the side of College Heights Hall. A few extra steps and you’re at the door that leads directly to the third floor. It’s an easy way to avoid three flights of stairs and quickly travel between the two buildings. The alley is also a shortcut for you to get to Cherry Hall’s ground floor while avoiding stairs completely. Right outside the third floor entrance of College Heights Hall is Cherry Hall’s ground floor and up a slight hill is the front entrance. By taking this shortcut you can use the elevator in Cherry Hall, completely avoiding stairs and keeping your outfit from sweaty ruin.