Welcome Back to Western

Welcome back to Western,

where the white squirrels roam.

We’re finally returning

to the Hilltop we call home.


Welcome back to football games,

where you’re sure to find Big Red.

If he’s around you, brace yourself –

he’ll probably eat your head.


Welcome back to late nights out,

when Cookout calls your name.

Will we heed its beck and call

and face tomorrow’s shame?


Welcome back to first week woe,

where homework piles high.

Just push it to the side for now,

and enjoy the August sky.


Welcome back to meal plans

and Chick-fil-A each day.

Or maybe orange chicken,

though for that you’ll have to pay.


Welcome back to 8 a.m.’s,

better not be late.

Grab some joe before you go,

so your life you do not hate.


Welcome back to partying,

Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

As long as you wake up for class,

you can still eke out an A.


Welcome back to calf muscles

and buns and thighs of steel.

At least you get something good

from trudging up that hill.


Welcome back to friends and fun

and freedom from the fam.

Just be sure to keep in touch;

They’ll help you in a jam.


Welcome back to Western.

Over summer we did roam,

but now we’re happy to be back

on the Hilltop we call home.