Well-Dressed Western: Fall 2016 style finds on campus

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Well-Dressed Western, an ode to all things stylistic, aesthetic and eclectic on the Hill. With each edition, the Talisman will feature a collection of individuals from all ends of the style spectrum to pay tribute to the diversity, both in clothing and personality, at WKU.

In true journalistic fashion, a photographer and I wandered through every peak and valley of campus in hopes of finding students who defy the status quo and don something other than the typical collegiate uniform of sweatshirts and various Nike apparel.

Much to our excitement, we came across these gems (who participated without qualms, despite our “Insta-stalk-in real-life” nature):
Andrew Critchelow, a senior from Rineyville

Major: Journalism

One-stop shop: Gap

Staple piece: Floral shirt, as pictured
Kate Love, a senior from Madisonville

Major: Environmental science

One-stop shop: Goodwill

Staple piece(s): Oversized sweaters, Birkenstocks

Self-defined style: “Grandma chic”
Blake Wetton, a sophomore from Russellville

Major: English and Arabic

Self-defined style: “Look good, feel good.”
Julia Adams, a freshman from Louisville

Major: Journalism

One-stop shop: Goodwill

Self-defined style: “Kindergarten teacher of the ’80s”
Ryan Blankenship, a freshman from Springsboro, Ohio

Major: English

One-stop shop: Salvation Army

Staple piece: Jean jacket

Self-defined style: “Colors. I love colors.”