What type of character are you?

They say we all have a part to play in the story of others’ lives. But what exactly is the role that you embody? If you’re curious to find out, take this short quiz to see what character archetype best fits you!


If you got the protagonist, chances are you have a very direct way of dealing with challenges. You’re the master of your own universe, and you physically can’t allow what you don’t agree with to happen. Whether you like it or not, the spotlight seems to follow you around, meaning everyone else in the cast probably has an opinion of you, good or bad. Just remember, hero: We all need a supporting cast for a reason!



You’re this archetype if, at some point in time, somebody hurt you in a way that influences you to this day. Though not necessarily a bad person, you don’t shy away from showing your bristles to anyone you feel is deserving of it. The status quo is corrupt in your eyes, and you feel it’s time you took matters into your own hands. Just remember, when you find a hero to butt heads with, make sure it’s an opponent worthy of your time and passion.


Sidekick/Comedic Relief

Just because you’re entertaining doesn’t mean you’re shallow. In fact, more often than not, your humorous facade hides a backstory richer than the rest! Though you have many loveable qualities that make you the perfect companion, your greatest strength is being able to turn everything and anything into a joke. Just remember, as much as you feel comfortable standing at someone’s side in a supportive role, there’ll come a time where you’ll have to make your own debut in the spotlight.


Love Interest

If you got the love interest, chances are people are swooning over you right now without you even knowing it. Though you may not realize it, your main priority is finding the perfect someone to share the rest of your days. You’re charming and intelligent, though your impressive qualities may earn you the envy of others. Just remember, even if the love of your life is out there, you’re perfectly fine on your own!