Illustrations by Bailey Brush

What your favorite energy drink says about you

Many people have an energy drink that they firmly swear by. Have you ever wondered what your preference reveals about your personality? The Talisman has created a list of popular energy drinks so you can find out what your caffeine choice says about you.



You are always on the move or keeping yourself busy if you prefer Celsius. You’re involved with different clubs or organizations on campus. Despite your packed schedule, you manage to stay orderly and on top of your responsibilities. You’re always looking out for new opportunities and adventures, but your urge to try new things never interferes with your studies.


If you enjoy Bang, you’re more independent and reserved. Others may perceive you as standoffish, but you warm up to people over time. You can be loud and energetic once you’re comfortable with those around you. Nevertheless, you value your alone time. You might make frequent visits to the gym to decompress and spend time with yourself. You take care of business and have little time for distractions. 


You like to keep it classic.If you’re not drinking a Redbull, your dose of caffeine might come from a cup of coffee. You’re a relaxed person and enjoy kicking back with a small group of friends. You’re a bit of a night owl, but you make sure to keep your sleep schedule intact. Your favorite season is probably fall, and you have an assortment of beanies stashed in your closet. 


If Monster is your go-to energy drink, you often find yourself procrastinating and drowning under a heap of overdue assignments. Those who enjoy the original flavor have a bit of an intimidating exterior and probably own a few pairs of cowboy boots. If you prefer the juice flavors, you have a strong sense of style and enjoy outfits with bright color palettes. Despite your preference, your life might be a little chaotic, but you always find a way to make it work. 


If you like Alani, you enjoy going out on the weekends and having fun. You’re personable and kind, and the friends you have consider you to be reliable. You are deemed trustworthy and always make time for others, but you never fail to make time for yourself as well. You value self-care and have high confidence for yourself and your future. You’re always on top of the latest trends. 


If you get your energy boost from Reign, your taste is quite versatile. You’ve probably tried every flavor to spice things up. Reign is your drink of choice as your sleep schedule is completely unbalanced from scrolling through social media and gaming, or you enjoy the adrenaline rush that the 300 milligrams of caffeine provides you with. There’s a high chance you have shaky fingers as you type your notes in class.