What your mask says about you



Surgical mask

If you wear a surgical mask, you are someone who is always on the go. You do not have time to wash cloth masks. You also have them everywhere: in your car, on your desk, in your backpack. Chances are you are laid-back but are also always busy doing homework.

Solid black

If you wear a solid black mask, you either wear it because it matches everything or black is your favorite color. Chances are you are reliable and organized. You are the person that people come to for favors because you get tasks done.


Color-coordinated with your outfit

If you coordinate the colors or prints of your mask to your outfit, you are either a fashion merchandising major or you just like to dress up every day. Chances are you are the person your friends come to for style advice. You are someone who plans ahead and is always prepared for everything.


Animal print

If you wear an animal print mask, you always know the latest trends. Animal print is probably just another “neutral” in your wardrobe. Chances are you are a very energetic and outgoing person. You probably are also someone who never misses the chance to hang out with friends and have fun.



If you wear a mask with WKU on it, you are most likely a student athlete or a freshman who has given up the WKU lanyard yet refuses to give up your Housing and Residence Life provided mask. Just like someone with surgical masks, you like convenience. This mask was probably a quick grab on your way out the door because it hangs on the edge of your bed. Chances are you also have lots of school spirit and are sad football season is different this year.


Floral print

If you wear a floral print mask, you are probably really nice and down to earth. Chances are you are the person people go to for life advice. You also still smile at people under your mask even though they cannot see it.