WKU students reflect on the Hill

Over seven weeks have passed since students were last on the Hill. Walking to class was leisurely on the warm days and rushed on the cold days. Let’s be honest, there were days most of us dreaded going to class, but now many students would do anything to be on their way to even their least favorite class.

The Talisman asked students what they miss most about WKU, and here is what they had to say.

Knoxville, Tennessee, senior Caroline Cavin said “I miss seeing my friends in and out of school.” 

Harlan junior Allison Cook misses “the trees in spring. Appalachia has amazing views, but those trees.”

Bowling Green freshman Emma Tuggle said she misses “the community and connection I had while I was there.”


Hendersonville, Tennessee, freshman Max Mailander misses “going to a class with real life people.”

Nortonville junior Emily Wright misses “being able to hammock and catch the flowers in my hair as the breeze would blow them off the branches.”

Danville sophomore Alli House said “I miss being able to see my friends in class and around campus.”