5 simple ways to decorate your dorm or apartment for the holidays

Thanksgiving has come to a close, and it’s officially the holiday season, which means most people are already focused on Christmas and Christmas candy and Christmas presents and Christmas decorations.

Yet, in a small living space, getting into the holiday spirit can be a little challenging. However, there are a few easy solutions to maximize your space and make your home away from home feel fun and festive.

1. Decorate your door

One of the easiest ways to dress up your dorm or apartment while taking up zero space is to festively decorate your bland door. This can be as easy as putting some wrapping paper and a bow on the outside to make it look like a present. Or you can cut out colored paper to make a snowman or Santa Claus.

2. Hang stockings

One of the most traditional Christmas decorations includes hanging stockings over a fireplace. However, installing a fireplace in your dorm room for the holidays is impossible (and also much more of a fire hazard than those banned candles), so you should probably just stick to stockings. Just hang a few command hooks and place your stockings on them. Your room will look much merrier.

3. Hang ornaments

Ornaments aren’t just for trees. You can make your place look much more exciting by hanging ornaments from your blinds. Just don’t open them for a while.

4. Make paper snowflakes

While it may seem a little lame, you probably learned how to make paper snowflakes in elementary school, and they’re still a perfect, easy decoration. First, make several varieties of snowflakes. Use different colors of paper if you’re feeling adventurous. Then, use festive string to hang them from your ceiling or on your wall. It’s a cute decoration for all ages.

5. Make a tree from lights

If you’re feeling extra crafty and adventurous, this decoration is for you. Put up push pins or command hooks on a bare wall and make an outline of a typical Christmas tree. Then, string lights around the outline, and you’ve got the most space-efficient Christmas tree you could imagine.

It may be difficult to be away from home as the holidays approach, but you can make your room far more festive with these simple fixes. At the very least, you’ll feel much more in the holiday spirit.