Fashion 2021

The Narrative of Hair: Students Express Personalities

Having a distinctive hairstyle can be an outlet of self expression allowing people to visually represent themselves in any way they wish, from bangs to dreads to mullets to natural hair. These WKU students explain their personal styles, how they care for their hair and how it is a reflection of themselves.

The Language of Fashion: What To Wear Where

Going to a special event is such an exciting and rewarding experience — until the panic sets in when you look in your closet and realize you have no idea what to wear. What do I wear to an event that calls for a certain dress code? No need to panic!

Constant Reinvention: Bowling Green’s Impact on Fashion Evolution

The spirit of Bowling Green, Kentucky, is defined to the outsider as the Corvette capital, the home of the Big Red blob or simply, “A town an hour north of Nashville.” In comparison to New York or Paris, Bowling Green is no fashion mecca. However, even natives of the college town may be oblivious to the name of Carrie Taylor, a lifelong Bowling Green resident and entrepreneur, who lived from 1855 to 1917.