Even More Campus Buildings With Faces

I’m still seeing faces everywhere. It’s getting to be a problem.

They’re not just faces anymore. WKU’s buildings are staring back at me with looks of disappointment. 

Craig Administrative Center

The President’s Office is disappointed that it wasn’t named Gary Ransdell Hall 2.

presidents office

Northeast Hall

NE Hall is disappointed that I’ve never seen the original Planet of the Apes.
NE hall 2


Kentucky Museum

The Kentucky Museum is disappointed that no one goes inside it. 

kentucky museum

Honors College and International Center (the side)

The side of the new International building is disappointed that people think it looks like every other building on campus.

international building side

Honors College and International Center (the front)

The front of the new International building is disappointed people are looking at it instead of studying abroad. How dare them.


international building

Mass Media

Mass Media is disappointed that you waited until now to come and type that paper, but it isn’t surprised.

mass media front


On the other hand, I am disappointed with PFT. Please residents, band together and made something cool with the lights. Make a stick figure. Spell out something. Draw something funny and obscene. Anything. You have some much potential PFT. We’re all counting on you.