Josie Valentine (left) and Louisville senior Haley Holback, 21, react to meeting their Panhellenic Big, Chi Omega president, Lauren Stull, at the Delta Zeta Panhellenic Big/Little Reveal on October 6. “I am so glad I get to be a part of the creation and colonization of Delta Zeta,” Holback said. “Even though I am graduating, I would like to be involved in the sisterhood after graduation.”

Foolproof tips for sorority recruitment

As loud chants echo across campus, hundreds of excited young women prepare for one of the most exciting weeks of the year: sorority recruitment. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or veteran junior, recruitment can be intimidating. To help make the process a little smoother, we’ve compiled ten tips for not only surviving but thriving during recruitment week on the Hill.

Plan your outfits.

Be thoughtful when you’re trying to decide what to wear, and make your decisions ahead of time. This will take away some of the guesswork and relieve stress each day of recruitment. You want to be cool and comfortable — not worrying about your outfit before, during and between parties. If you’re unsure if your outfit is appropriate for each day, ask your Gamma Chi – that’s what she’s there for. For more tips, check out this article.

Pack a snack and drink plenty of water.

Recruitment days are pretty exhausting, so make sure you take care of yourself. You may have to attend several parties before taking a lunch or dinner break. Be prepared by bringing a protein bar or crackers and a bottle of water in your bag. You’ll be glad you did.

Study up.

Do a little research on each of WKU’s sororities. There are Panhellenic sororities that participate in formal recruitment, but there are others that don’t, like Omega Phi Alpha sorority, Sigma Alpha sorority and National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations. Each of these organizations will host informational meetings for anyone interested as their recruitment processes take place after formal recruitment.

For most potential new members (PNMs), Greek life is new and foreign, and the chapters can easily blend together at first. Find out a bit about each organization’s philanthropy, campus involvement and recent accomplishments. Most sororities are active on social media, so check out Twitter and Instagram. If you do your research, you’ll be able to go into each party with specific questions of your own, which most chapter members love.

Get to know the other members of your Gamma Chi group.

Your Gamma Chi group is made up of about 15-20 other PNMs, all guided by a recruitment counselor, known as a Gamma Chi. It is important to get to know these girls, especially if you don’t know many people at WKU. Go out for some late night donuts at GADS or quesadillas at Taco Bell after recruitment parties wrap up. This is a fun way to de-stress and get to know your group in a more relaxed setting. One of the coolest things about Greek life on the Hill is getting to know members of other chapters.

Utilize your Gamma Chi group leader.

Your Gamma Chi is basically a sorority recruitment guru. If you’re confused, stressed, unsure or curious about anything, ask her. Not only can she give great style advice, but she can answer the tough questions that you may not be comfortable asking chapter members during parties. She’s there to help you not judge you.

Bring comfortable shoes.

Heels are not practical for running from party to party. There may be times when you’re leaving a sorority house at the top of Chestnut Street and need to be at a chapter room in Meredith Hall in 15 minutes. Opt for cute sandals or flats instead. If you insist on wearing heels or wedges, bring a basic pair of flip flops from the dollar store to throw on between parties. They can even double as shower shoes in your dorm. Trust me, your feet will thank you.

Be respectful.

You catch more flies with honey, Honey. Being arrogant to chapter members, Gamma Chis or recruitment staff won’t get you very far. If you’re visiting a chapter that isn’t necessarily your first choice, remain polite and curious. Most importantly, never skip a party. It can be insulting and give you a bad reputation.

Trust the process.

You will end up in the chapter where you are meant to be. There may be moments during the week when you feel confused or discouraged, but it will work out. Many chapter members will tell you that their sorority wasn’t their first choice at the beginning of recruitment week. You may love one sorority on the first night, but your thoughts could completely change by Preference Night. Just have fun, and things will be A-OK on Bid Day.

Keep an open mind.

Relying on stereotypes is the worst thing you can do during recruitment. Every chapter has its downfalls, but those are greatly outweighed by the positives each has to offer. Base your decision on conversations you have and connections you make. That’s the best way to make the most of your recruitment experience and find your perfect fit.

Be yourself.

If you take any of these tips to heart, let it be this one. As cliché as it sounds, it is incredibly important to be yourself throughout the recruitment process. Don’t try to mold yourself into what you think a specific chapter is looking for, and don’t feel like you have to fit a stereotype. Chances are, chapter members will see right through you if you try to impress them based on what you believe their sorority’s stereotype is. Instead, talk about your unique interests and passions, whether that’s hiking, drawing, shopping, serving your community or even eating pizza (let’s be real). These genuine conversations will put both you and the chapter members at ease. We all have our quirks, so embrace yours.