How to spend your tax refund

With spring comes new beginnings. Flowers are blooming, the green is returning to trees, Game of Thrones will soon be coming back on and animals are emerging from hibernation.

There is so much going on, but we cannot forget a big chunk of the spring season: tax time. Sure, paying taxes isn’t very fun, but those tax refunds sure can be!

Are you unsure of how to spend your tax return dollars this spring? Don’t worry, I have some suggestions for you depending on how much you’re expecting to receive.

$25 and Under

  1. A giant 2-pound bag of just the marshmallows from Lucky Charms: This really has no downside. Everyone can admit their favorite part of cereal is the marshmallows, so why not skip the pleasantries with the little boring bits and just go for the gold?
  2. A really cool mug: I mean, what could I say that hasn’t already been said? This mug serves two purpose. It not only stores your beloved warm beverages (coffee, tea and hot cocoa are all welcome here), but it also serves as a small plate or holder for your cookies, donuts or any other small snacks you’d like to enjoy with a hot beverage.
  3. The full collection of Shrek movies: This investment really pays itself off after one marathon. Plus the DVDs include digital copies as well. All in all, this is a great addition to your DVD collection.


  1. A full tank of gas: Sometimes it is the simple things in life that mean the most. The world feels a little bit more manageable when your little gas gauge rests on “F.” Treat yourself to a renewed peace of mind and fill up your tank.
  2. Between 4-7 dozen donuts from GADS: This is enough donuts to easily last you a few weeks. Or maybe a day, because when it comes to GADs, it’s hard to tell when you have had one too many.
  3. A trip to the science museum in Nashville with a friend: Do something bold, and still somewhat relatively cheap. A pair of advanced day tickets is about $40, but you get to run around all day doing experiments, visiting a planetarium and more.


  1. An adult Tyrannosaurus-Rex costume: These things are all the rage right now, and they seem like a total blast. How fun would it be to run around as a T-rex? This costume is truly worth it, seeing as it turns any daily task into comedy gold.
  2. Buy a goat for a family in need: This is actually really cool. Many families in third world countries make money and support themselves on their own livestock, so a simple goat can provide milk to help them nourish their family and make money. A goat is $75, which, in the long run, is worth so much more than that to those who need it.
  3. Adopt an endangered animal: For $55, you can support a plethora of different endangered animals. From tigers to sloths to honeybees to hedgehogs, this simple donation helps save animals, and you get a cute plush toy and some other swag gifts. You can even fund a German shepherd sniffing dog whose sole sniffing duty is to help prevent animal trafficking and illegal trade.

$100 and over

  1. One year of fandom of the month boxes: If you are a big geek like me, then this is a really sweet option for you. Fandom of the month box is a monthly subscription that sends you a gift box full of fun knick-knacks and trinkets and merchandise from your favorite fandoms. From Harry Potter to Disney, it covers a large range and variety of neat stuff.
  2. A 6-foot teddy bear: These bad boys have been on my wish list for a while now. Not only are they over the top and ridiculous like me, but they are actually really functional as they can provide a place to snuggle up and chill. They are huge and comfy and just plain awesome.
  3. A Yeezy T-shirt: Finally, you can splurge on a basic tee that will make all your friends jealous. This shirt is priced at $184. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, that is a high number for a tee shirt. But, I am pretty sure its because Kanye himself weaves all the fabric with love before it is put out on the sales floor. Maybe that’s not true, but I’m not sure how else to justify a shirt being so expensive.

This spring, don’t be afraid to try something new and treat yo’ self!