Letter from the Editors


Hi, hello! Welcome!
We are Naomi Driessnack and Tanner Cole, the co-editors of this year’s Talisman.

We’re all home again. Away from couches, jobs, internships and summer loves. We’re back in our old Western home, where our lives are soundtracked by a ringing bell and towels symbolize pride, not showers.

It’s all happening again, but so much will be different.

We at the Talisman are eager to start fresh. We’re striving for a new identity on campus, one that reflects all the excitement and happiness that WKU gives us. We’ve both spent years on the Hill, and we’ve seen its beautiful spirit poured into our yearbook with each passing season.

But we want an ongoing conversation. We want a constant relationship with readers and Hilltoppers.

We’re going to continue creating our print book for as long as trees exist. But this year we are launching the Talisman website. We’re reconnecting with the student body. And reconnecting with you.

Our web team is already hard at work capturing the living, breathing spirit of WKU. Check out the bizarre faces that staff videographer Evan Pennington sees in buildings around campus, and watch his latest video for a little DIY instruction — WKU style.

Staff writer Helen Gibson is dedicated to trying out everything around campus and reporting back in her sweet, enthusiastic voice. We sent her to Zumba class last week and she returned with hilarious results. She’ll be trying more things very soon.

Be sure to take our popular quiz titled “Which Famous WKU Person/Thing Are You?” We’re a white squirrel and Gary Ransdell. What did you get?

And click around the site when you get the chance! Oh, and follow us on social media! We can’t wait to get the conversation started. Here are links to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We hope you have a great first week of classes. Try not to fall down the Hill.

Life, more life!
Tanner & Naomi