The Campus Pupdate

 Little Britches

Little Britches, born Britchie Smalls, is a ten-year-old Red Terrier mixed mutt who has licked President Gary Ransdell’s face. Lil B thinks gender is a societal construct and absolutely loves cheese. He was adopted from the Bowling Green Humane society. Little Britches loves to snuggle. Check his Insta if you’re trying to hit this pup up in the DMs.

“He eats a lot more than you would think.”



Gucci is an independent woman. She’s a second generation, seven-year-old Maltese Poodle. She’s real, real soft. A Scorpio, Gucci is passionate about carrots and sleep. Gucci has transcended class status via Instagram fame – although she lets her social media team deal with her fanbase.

“I’ve met all of my neighbors because of Gucci.”



Bear is a sneezy and soft-spoken eight-year-old Shitzu poodle mix. He is a part-time employee at Footlocker and a full-time friend. Bear wears an inquisitive little snoot on the tip of his face, and it’s always sniffin’. His love of chicken and car rides is unmatched. Bear understands Bosnian and loves taking his owner for long walks in the park.

“It’s like having a child. I didn’t dry my hair today, but I dried his.”


Diddle, Spirit & Tsavo

This pup family is made up of Diddle, a 2-year-old English Cocker Spaniel; Spirit, an 11-year-old Yellow Lab; and Tsavo, a 10-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. As the oldest, Spirit helped raise the other two dogs while his master was off doing presidential things. He’s a lapdog. Tsavo is classier. In Swahili his name means “slaughter.” He’s a little aloof, at times. Diddle is a bit of a troublemaker. She likes to wag her tail really hard.

“Each of these three dogs are special. We couldn’t live without them.”